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Recent posts by Toni Lane

Sorry for the delayed response.
I learned Log4j2 and used it to debug the issue.
I was able to find the cause in the logs.
That's the last cause exception.
The resulting exceptions were about how spring can't create "entityManager" bean.
I am now researching hibernate logging. Any guides on that are appreciated.
Upon attempting to start my web application. I get the exception "javax.persistence.PersistenceException: [PersistenceUnit: persistence_unit] Unable to build Hibernate SessionFactory".
I expect that this exception is caused by some incorrect configuration somewhere in the persistence.xml file and some incorrect configuration in my JPA-annotated code. But, i want to know what exactly is it. The problem however is that the exception message doens't say much.
What should i do if i want to be able to perilously find out what's causing the exception.

Note: I am using Spring REST + JPA (Hibernate implementation) connecting to a mysql database on a tomcat servlet container.

Pete Letkeman wrote:You are welcome.
As for front end vs back end. I suggest that you keep things simple when you are programming.

I know that design is not for everyone, but there are free open source designs out there which you can use. I'd suggest that were possible you add in design/colors/images at the end.
Be sure to give credit for the design where it's due and let your potential employer know that you would rather the back end instead of the front end so they know what to expect.

Sure, ill take that into consideration.
1 year ago
Thanks a lot, Pete
I'll start working on it.
1 year ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:My opinion is that it would be better have working projects than spend time learning yet another technology niche.

How could you rate yourself as anything other than entry level with no work experience?

ok, thank you.
Any other advices?
1 year ago
I know Java 8, Java EE (Servlet, JSP and Spring), Hibernate, JUnit, Gradle, GIT, Kotlin, JavaScript, MySQL and probably some other stuff too.
Java 8 is what i know most about (Have known Java since version 1.5).
I have no work experience. And i am trying to find a good job.
The current step that i am thinking of taking is to create a project(s) and publish it(them) to github.
However, I don't know of what should i include in this project and what shouldn't i include.
For example, i am not familiar with microservices (I have read online about it but, never actually created such a system). Should i start attempting to learn microservices before attempting to upload some code to github, or should i just write what i already know (a big monolithic web app).
What are my odds to land a job as a java backend developer for both cases?
Considering that i don't like to remain unemployed (Learning microservices/or-similar-new-technologies before landing a job or uploading code to github).
How do i rate myself? Junior? mid?
1 year ago
The video is about exaggerated job listings.
Any additional advises on how to tackle this issue?
1 year ago
How relevant or accurate is this right now?
1 year ago
I know some java and some very basic Spring WebMVC.
I would like advises regarding which front-end technologies to learn.
I have found out that there are basically 2 basic types of front-end libraries/frameworks. A) Server-Side Rendering B) Client-Side Rendering.
Which ones should i choose from for each of the previously mentioned types. (Will they work together?, what should i consider?)
Better performance, debug-ability and tooling are preferred.
1 year ago
What technologies, frameworks and tools should i learn to become an enterprise java application developer (good one)?
I know java basics and right now i am trying to study Spring as well as some other technologies.
Interesting, I ran it without the relocations part and it worked. and jar contained all the dependencies (as well as the transitive dependencies) by default.
2 years ago

Knute Snortum wrote:Your problem is here:

There is no Main-Class tage, it's mainClass.  I'm not sure you need the manifestEntries tags either.

For some reason, i didnt see that post earlier.
Anyway, I removed/commented the manifestEntries and added the mainClass. Still, didn't work.
2 years ago
forgot the "-jar". After adding it, still doesn't work.
2 years ago