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Recent posts by Priyavrat Kumar

Hello everyone,
I passed OCAJP SE 7 with 86%.
I want to say thanks to @Bindu Tadavika for helping me get study materials.
A special thanks to @Roel Di Nijs for helping me know about exam process and many exam related questions.
Also, thanks to @Vaibhav Sagar,@Joe Harry and @Junuli Lacar, as their answers were easy to understand.

Few tips to those preparing for exam-
> Buy enthuware mock tests. They are extremely useful. Many questions are almost similar to mock tests.
> Mark important topics & concepts in book, and study them until you master those concepts.
> Questions in exam are tricky, that means you have to pay special attention to those indentation, use of access modifiers etc.

Enthuware average score predictor was 100% correct in my case, mentioned as below
Enthuware average score- 73.29
My average score - 73.25
Enthuware real exam score predict - 86.25
My real exam score - 86%

Now, I'm looking for job. I don't know how to prepare to get good job.

5 years ago
Output is-
0  0  30  40
5 years ago
In the following code, even though there is no is-a relationship between blackink and Printable, the code compiles successfully.
But removing the explicit cast makes code fail to compile.
I have registered and scheduled my OCAJP 7 exam at Pearson vue website.

I have a question,
Register at an Oracle testing center means? Is it required?
Is registering and scheduling exam through Pearson vue website is enough or some more things need to be done?

Because from the link below it shows 3 steps in India which I have listed below, while only 2 steps are shown in usa

> Registration:
> Purchase exam voucher from Oracle University
> Register for exam at PearsonVue or locate a test center near you
> Register for Exam at an Oracle Testing Center    (Not shown in USA)

Link -
OCAJP 7 registration link
Your Java knowledge is extreme!
5 years ago
Thanks for reply
I will try to improve my knowledge by re-reading and understanding weak topics.
After reading k&b book 3 times, solving many mock questions, I still score only 76% in enthuware tests.
I see those who score well in enthuware tests also score well in exams.
Enthuware tests contain question that are considered out of topic in k&b book, oca 8 sybex book,  like, setLength() method of StringBuilder, getClass() method, Math.round() etc.
They are the  main reason for my low score.
How to score higher in  upcoming tests?
I'm not able to understand this question.
Please help

5 years ago
5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:

That is possible. In which case, we really need to figure that one out. Any suggestions on what the cause might be?

I don't have knowledge of web designing but I have compared the loading time of new vs old view.
As, I already said,
new view takes lots of time to load in slow connection while old view loads quickly.
5 years ago
I agree to Daniel.
StackOverFlow forum has quiet clean UI without compromising on features.
Although stylish UI looks good but many prefer simple, cleaner & faster look and feel over stylish and slow to load UI.
5 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:We know that many of our members love the old view, but we want to try something different. As our new view evolves and will support new features, the old view will get more and more dated and we don't want to keep it around if it eventually ends up broken.

We've had a couple of discussions here about moving to the new view, and we considered the opinions of all our members, but I think that matter is done.

At this stage, you can help us a lot by letting us know how we can improve the new view. Please offer concrete suggestions, and not vague statements like "make it work like the old view".

Can "new view" be improved to load faster even in slow Internet connection?
At present "new view" takes around 5x more time when compared to "old view" for loading in slow connections.
5 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:It means we have two views to maintain. We have enough work maintaining one, and we chose for the new view.

I'm sorry for the pain you have to take, but old view is better than new view according to me.
If not better then atleast faster.
5 years ago
I personally prefer old view because it loads faster and is quite clean and detailed.
So, why not to have both the looks instead of one.
Discontinuing old view is not a good idea.
Thanks to all coderanch creators for making such an amazing forum, where we have chance to chat with highly experienced java developers and some prominent authors.
Thank you.
5 years ago