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Recent posts by somashaker goud

I have an assignment to write a parser which will find unused variables in our code. I am totally dumbstruck since I don't have any approach. Could you please provide me any pointers to proceed with my assignment
6 years ago
Yeah, Mohammed, I tried by placing index in views.
6 years ago
Any sort of help is sincerely accepted
6 years ago
Hello All,

I am working on spring project.I am able to call methods in controller class but view is not getting rendered.Not able to understand what went wrong . when I hit url "http://localhost:8082/TrackingApp/" I am getting 404 error but in console, I am getting sysout "in index". Below is my code

Controller class.



6 years ago

below is my code. I don't find any issue.I am getting 404 error when I click on submit button below is the erro that I am getting .

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not found)

Thanks all for any help !!!

below is my web.xml

below is my dispatcher servlet

below is my controller classs

6 years ago
I am trying to create biginteger object dynamically but its throwing me an error.

below is the error which I am getting.

7 years ago
Below code works fine

but if remove initialisation for grade I am getting an error.

I understand that char cannot be empty but why its showing errors in for loop

7 years ago
Recently in an interview, I faced this  below question

Which design pattern in used in Spring AOP?

I was dumbstruck to answer this. Could some shed some light and help me in understanding the design pattern used.
7 years ago
Out of many intermittent issues, this is one of them.

When coming to 404 issue, are you able to access with absolute path?

if yes have you given the correct path of index.jsp in <welcome-filelist> if it's not under WEB-INF folder.
7 years ago
Are you using any IDE? If yes, then double click on the server to check on which port it's trying to connect. If its pointing to 8080 then change it

Looks like your server is not using server.xml properly.
7 years ago
Yeah, It was due to Frame. It worked after disposing of.  Thanks for your help
7 years ago
I am passing input as a file. It's reading data from file and printing required output. Even finally block is getting executed. Below is the output which I am getting.

Sum of numbers in file is 112

After completion of finally block it's not getting terminated
7 years ago
Below is my code which is working fine but it's not getting terminate.

7 years ago

I am trying to client server program using python. Below is the code which I found online. but it's throwing me an error at s.bind((host, port))  

Below is the error which I got.

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "python", line 52, in <module>
socket.gaierror: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution

Let me know where I am doing wrong.

FYI I don't have any python set up in my local. I am practicing it online ( )
7 years ago