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Recent posts by maik miorandi

Seems like it depens form your system settings:

For the ^ symbol, i have no clues
But I was able so replace it with the POWER function:
instead of

I wonder if there is any formula syntax guide around...

prinz reyes wrote:thanks for the reply..i have found the solution..

instead of using ; i used comma(,) in the formula.

so instead of IF(C53=0; 0; C52/C53*100) it should be this way IF(C53=0,  0, C52/C53*100) .

i don't know how it happened but it worked!

thanks for your response!i really appreciate!

I stumbled across the same problem: using , instead of ; worked, but i don't know why...
Now it gives me an error on the ^ symbol. Maybe is there another character to use instead of ^ ??

I have searched around if there is a syntax guide, but I haven't found anything =(
Hi guys, I am using jxl to modify existing excel files, but i stumbled across a problem

I read the file and get my WritableSheet named "foglio", then i get my cell as following:

If the cell has a "Label" cell type, i can write in it using this:

But if the cell has an "Empty" cell type, i cannot write in it (i get a "java.lang.ClassCastException: jxl.write.Blank cannot be cast to jxl.write.Label")

So how can i change the cell type? The Cell class has no setType method or similar...

Any idea about it?
Thanks in advance