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Yevgeniy Kim

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Recent posts by Yevgeniy Kim

Hello, I have such questions about Java:

1) What is a byte code?
2) What is it for?
3) Byte-code is a compressed version of the source file (code) java?
4) How does the compiler work with the byte code and how does the byte code work with
  The source of java?

If you can please the order of the questions write the answers thank you very much for your attention.
If possible, please explain with simple language of comparisons.

Many thanks to all who responded to my topic, I wish you success, health, love to you and your family.
2 years ago
Hello dear programmers do samostayatelno the book can`t solve the problem, what would
Instead of true and false, 1 and 0 were displayed. Thank you in advance to all the best of luck to you, creative and career growth.
At the bottom, the task of its fragment:

2 years ago

Hello please help with a while loop I can not understand how he felt at 0 value. The following code sample:
It outputs the result 00 11 21 32 42.

Thank you good luck.
2 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

The Party class in the Head First Java book is incomplete and cannot be executed as it stands.

Thank you very much for your help I will keep in mind.
2 years ago

Les Morgan wrote:

Thank you very much for your help for a long time thinking how to solve this example).
2 years ago
Sorry I live in Kazakhstan and do not speak angliisky you'll excuse me, I use Google translator hope you mark me))) I am learning Java textbook Learning Java 2 edition of Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. If the study can not run the example here is an example of this code:
import java.awt *;
import java.awt.event *;
class Party {
public void main () {
Frame f = new Frame ();
Label l = new Label ( "Party Tim");
Button b = new Button ( "your bid");
Button c = new Button ( "reset");
Panel p = new Panel ();
p.add (l);

Thank you in advance pain))
2 years ago