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Recent posts by Glen Cai

No body said any thing about the effects to Adobe. Flex is still the leader of RIA, not JavaFx.
13 years ago

aditee sharma wrote:...This is turning into another hate blog.

Please, no one hates you. Let's be honest to each other. You are here is due to the economic reason and intelligence (IQ).
Suggesting US citizens are dump is not very nice for guest workers, at least they are your host.

Yes, we must work very hard to learn SDLC and how to put a file in web server.
The main point here is that US citizens must lower the salary expectations to compete.
13 years ago

I work at a place where my IT Director, a US citizen, is afraid to put image files in the web server and instead keeps them in the app server because "that's the way they have been doing development and he doesn't want to risk anything by trying something new". Another one:Not many (citizens and admittedly some other H1Bs included)in this project know anything about SDLC and other software processes .
In my previous assignment, I was replaced by a company employee who had a COBOL background and had never worked in Java before.
The company wanted to readjust the internal workforce from a division that was not doing well.
Now, you and some others in this forum may not think that this is injustice because I am a foreigner, but your current point of argument that H1B is only for lowering the price does not stand. As much as it is abused, H1B is needed as well.

There are many reasons not putting a image file in web server, security is one of them. Putting image file in a web server or knowing SDLC does not make you smart. You may want to say I'm an IITer, LOL. Only thing makes you are different from your US citizen co-workers is that you are cheap.
It's why your are here.
13 years ago

William Thomas wrote:p.s. to the guy who gave smalltalk props, THANK YOU!

The language still holds a special place in my heart. It lead itself to beautiful design, and really pushed the true beauty of object orientation. ...

No matter how beautiful it is, it just does not fly...
13 years ago

Vinay Singh wrote:

There is no reason why a physical examination of a kid done by a nurse should cost insurer $250.
Neither does a visit to doctor for cold and cough then medications should cost above $300.

The cost of training a MD in US is at least 10 times of India's, if it is not higher. That is why.
Should we also open the legal field for H1Bs so you can find cheap lawyers? And even
change the constitution to allow H1B to run for the President with a much lower salary and living in a much smaller
house and let one billion+ Indian to vote?

It was a surprise to me to see that the salary of Citi's CEO is so much lower comparing to others in the same catagory,
even Citi CFO. It does not make sense.
13 years ago
It looks like it is going to win the Best Film of Oscar Awards tonight.

I would like to hear the comments from Indians about the film.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:

Can you provide some evidence of this from a reputed source or is it just your opinion?



Check out this article:
13 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Clapham:
... my son is an assistant professor at one of the University of California campuses and he's on an H1-B visa...

I thought they are using a different program long before H1B was created.
What visa did Arnold Schwarzenegger use when he immigrated to US?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Joe Ess:
... if their computer science programs are anything like my school's, most of the class is foreign-born anyway. . .

Why is that? Is this because science and engineering are too hard for US-born? Not rewarding? One of my US-born friends proudly said that they do not care about math and science, but only business. He is doing his MBA in a small local university.

If everyone of the US-born only wants "counting money" like many MBAs doing, who is creating the money for them to count? Foreign-born!

Many US-born choose law, business, or medical schools over schools of science or engineering because of rewarding and engineers' job can be off-shored easily.

One of the presidential candidate said that US workers are strong, but he forgot that US workers are much more costly than other countries'. This is why H1B exists. It is one of the programs to make US workers more competitive in the mean time to make CEOs and politicians richer.
13 years ago
Content is more important than what you call it.
13 years ago
I heard someone said that the smartest people do not have a degree and certificate. They award degrees to you and create certification programs for you to go through. For example, Bill Gates.
13 years ago
Try the SQL command Explain Plan on the Statement and PreparedStatement that do the same job. You may find the execution plan for PreparedStatement is scanning the whole table while the one for Statement uses Index.