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Recent posts by Salil Wadnerkar

You already identified the problem to be threads adding the name to the local map, instead of the concurrent hash map. Since the concurrent hash map is never updated, it will be always empty.
When I try to use functional constructs in Java like streams, one of the main problems I face is checked exceptions, and then either I have to use Optional which returns empty upon an exception, and need to construct a custom tuple - an Either type that returns the caught exception as the left field, or the actual value as the right value.
What is your recommendation of using functional constructs in Java?
11 months ago
I think the short answer is the subclasses which inherit from the abstract class can call these methods and also the abstract constructor.
1 year ago
I am Java 8 certified. What are the pitfalls I should watch out for while preparing for Java 17 certification?
A few patterns which are not that common, but would add immense benefit?
And which patterns give the most bang for the buck, as they say?
You should check the size of the messages only after acquiring the lock.
Basically, your while loop should be inside the "critical section".
Then your waiting condition in the SessionProducer becomes:

Executor service itself does not add much overhead to execution to threads. It just uses some synchronization mechanisms like semaphores to communicate to the threads. So, if you are facing some issues with the load, the problem lies somewhere else.
I often find that the certification books are full of syntax and semantics rules. It makes them a dull read. In this certification prep book, do we have some real-world examples of why someone might use that feature, say, string pattern matching, and how it helps the real-world projects?
Hello John & Mike,

Congratulations on your new book: AWS Cookbook: Recipes for Success on AWS!

One question - does the cookbook cover how to go about on premise to cloud migration of applications?

Thank you!
I noticed that the book covers Spring Boot on GraalVM. Does it have performance comparisons with other frameworks like Quarkus which are based on GraalVM?
1 year ago
If you installed oracle jdk using package managers like brew, they accept the license on your behalf. Their post-install message says so. If you installed oracle JDK by downloading .dmg file, the installer program asks you to accept the license, I think.
Oracle and OpenJDK don't have any practical difference. You can use any one of them.
1 year ago
The error explains: "java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: MainWindow has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 62.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 61.0 "

You compiled the app using Java 18, but you are running it using Java 17.
1 year ago
Hi authors,

I have registered myself to take this exam in August. How close are the tests in "Practice Tests for OCP Java 17 Certification Exam (1Z0-829)" to the actual tests? If you could shed light on how you obtain/create the test questions, that will be great.

Thank you