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Recent posts by Salil Wadnerkar

Josh, do you cover the best practices for splitting the application into modules (added in Java 9), and any gotchas with primitive generics (added in Java 10)?
2 months ago
You can't add a new method to class dynamically. If "age" attribute is optional, you can initialize to null in the constructor.
4 months ago
Yes, you can use MDC for it. But, it is better to add this logic in a filter, because logging is a cross-cutting concern. The logic in controller should be about querying model, and updating the view.
4 months ago
You need to use service for that. Create a service, and specify it as a provider in your angular components. This service will make REST calls to the backend, and fetch data, which will be used by the components.
4 months ago
With Java 9, theoritically, could we replace maven with its simpler counterpart, which downloads module dependencies specified in the application module? How does it resolve module versions?
7 months ago
Welcome to the Android forum. Given that most apps need to be supported on both iPhone and Android, do you see developers would move away from native apps, and embrace hybrid app technology like react native and ionic?
8 months ago
What are the practical benefits of Java 9 modularization, for a company that has significant existing software in production? How would it benefit from spending resources on modularization?
9 months ago
Is this an intro-level book for someone new to Java programming, or are there are nuggets that could be useful to the experienced devs?
10 months ago
Do you have any user response improvement statistics, and therefore the SEO impact of incorporating RxJS into curent JS stack?
I heard in angular 2 presentation that they evaluated virtual DOM technique used by react, and found it not sufficiently performant, and chose tree shedding, and other optimization techniques. Would you say that with virtual DOM technique needs performance improvements?
For a codebase - primarily, a Spring MVC web app - that is about a few million lines of code, what advantage does moving to Java 9 bring?
I hear claims like since Scala has so many features, the codebase becomes overly complex over time, and difficult to maintain. How do you think teams using Scala should handle this?
1 year ago
Thank you so much, Stefaan. That was helpful!
This question may sound stupid (and it probably is), but, I have a problem in understanding the code when threads are automatically created by the web container - Tomcat.
My understanding is Tomcat uses a threadpool, and uses a separate thread for processing each request. However, I don't see any code in our codebase that does any synchronization around some shared data. Now, I understand that request processing is independent, and they don't need to pass any data to each other, but I don't think our codebase has absolutely no shared data.
My question is how do I conceptualize the web application code into threads communicating with each other, and their shared data?
Does this book, after covering basics, cover real -world applications? I am looking to contribute to open source projects, many of them are in Python.
1 year ago