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`EmbeddedId` talks about what is the composite key for this record. It is not going to add properties of `StudentIdentity` as properties of `Student`
5 days ago
The error is right in front of you:
```Unable to find properties (studentId, school) in entity annotated with @IdClass:com.kenmilota.promticket.entity.Student```
5 days ago
I am curious about whether the motivation behind the deep dive was your day-to-day work. Most algorithm books are written by computer scientists, devoid of attempts to solve practical problems, and they are a little boring to read :-)
1 week ago
I am poor at correlating real-world, on-the-job problems with the ones I learned in a textbook. Does this book take examples from the real world, and how to identify its correlation with the already seen theoretical problem?
2 weeks ago
It generates only one random number at the start. So, of course, it will stay the same throughout the life of the program.
2 weeks ago
Your application classes are loaded by the application/system loader. Bootstrap is only to load core JRE classes, like, say, ArrayList.
2 weeks ago
You need to catch Ctrl+C using a signal handler, and then do the cleanup there, which should include shared library shutdown or any other cleanup recommended by the shared library developers.
3 weeks ago
Redesigning the application so that it's collection of reactive components, that is, functions is not an easy task. Think of converting your spring MVC app into multiple functions triggered by different API requests.
Also, it takes a few seconds to start a AWS lambda, called cold start time. So, your performance will suffer, if your function is not consistently getting triggered.
3 months ago
Yes, you can. Just that you need to have minimum number of servers for your application (at least 1), and that consumes resources, and costs money.
In case of serverless, nothing is provisioned, unless the triggering event arrives.
And you get charged per event and per unit of consumption time.
3 months ago
With PAAS services, you build you ruby on rails/django/spring/express app, and PAAS provider takes care of provisioning this app on its infrastructure. You still have to make your application scalable, and specify to PAAS provider how to scale your app (like you need to provide auto-scaling of database, app servers, etc.

In serverless programming. you split your application into multiple functions (some functionality that needs a few minutes to complete, but not long), each of which will be triggered by some event. Events could be an http request, or message queue event. So, you need to redesign your app to be reactive (event-driven) - and a collections of functions. For example, an http request will trigger a function A, which may emit a message-queue event, which will trigger another function B.
Then you just specify this triggering event to function mapping to your provider, which takes care of scaling each function dynamically, based on the load.
3 months ago
You use "bounded contexts" and capabilities to split the monolith. Refer:
From the APIs you listed, my guess is you need products service (inventory management), payment service (payment processing) and cart service (cart management).
3 months ago
What if you add @Nonnull to @PathParam(“version”)?
3 months ago
As I understand, AI/machine learning is for large organizations. Are there any ways, a small organization with say, few hundred thousand users, can benefit from it?
The answer is right before your eyes in the exception stack trace:
Failed to execute SQL script statement at line 10 of resource URL [file:/C:/Users//petstore/target/classes/db/h2/schema.sql]: CREATE TABLE users ( id INTEGER IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, username VARCHAR(30) firstname VARCHAR(30) lastname VARCHAR(30) email VARCHAR(30) password VARCHAR(30) phone VARCHAR(20) userStatus INTEGER(2) ); nested exception is org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLSyntaxErrorException: Syntax error in SQL statement "CREATE TABLE USERS ( ID INTEGER IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, USERNAME
4 months ago
Junilu, even an integer is not guaranteed to be thread safe. That's why we have AtomicInteger.