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Recent posts by Murat Kutluer

Congratulations Valentine, great score. Thanks for your sharing.
5 years ago
Congratulations Nick. This was very promising for me. I'm trying to do same thing. I'm 40 now and trying to switch Java after 13 years of PHP experience. I have to write PHP to pay my bills. On my personal time I try to study Java, Spring, Hibernate etc...
5 years ago
Hi Igor,

Congratulations, very impressive score.

6 years ago
Hi Karin,

Congratulations. I passed the OCA at November 29th. I got a few mail from Oracle. One of them was for printed copy of certificate. I quoted a part of that mail.

To request a hard copy certificate, you are required to log onto your Pearson VUE Profile and confirm your mailing address. Once your address is confirmed/updated in your Pearson VUE Profile, please request a hard copy of your certificate using the online request form. This request form will be active till 31-Dec-2016. .You should expect delivery of your certificate approximately 4 weeks from the request date.

7 years ago
Congratulations Sergey, thanks you for your advice.
7 years ago
Hi Norbert,

I advise you to buy a mock exam kit in order to be get faster. They are very helpful.

7 years ago
Thank you Paul. Yes It was. Especially I appreciate that there is no type error and wrong answer.
7 years ago
Hello everyone,

I finally take the OCA8 exam on 29 November 2016, after twelve months of preparation. This lasted so long than I excepted because of busy working times.
I'm PHP developer and Java is not a part of my daily work, so no hands-on exprience. I had to give break so many times. Then start again from beginning. This was very boring.

My main study materials are Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide by Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky and Enthuware prep kit. Both of them were very helpful.
Also I solved the questions almost all of the OCA book, thanks to the Safari Books Online.

My mock exam scores:

- Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates OCA-OCP7 - 1: 70%
- Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates OCA-OCP7 - 2: 75%
- Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky OCA8 - 1: ~81% (I didn't counted wrong questions for these three exam)
- Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky OCA8 - 2: ~81%
- Scott Selikoff, Jeanne Boyarsky OCA8 - 3: ~81%
- Enthuware - Foundation: 87%
- Enthuware - 1: 81%
- Enthuware - 2: 88%
- Enthuware - 3: 79%
- Enthuware - 4: 95%
- Enthuware - 5: 84%
- Enthuware - 6: 88%
- Enthuware - Last Day: 95%

Real exam score is 97%. Real exam was easy compared to all those mock exams. As Enthuware prep kit said, If you can managed to pass those mock exams, you will pass the real exam with flying colors.

I want to thank you all ranchers for their help to getting inside of Java world.

Thanks for reading,
7 years ago
Try PearsonVUE. It is much more intuitive.
This one is wrong, second line generate compile error.

It is weird to see that Eclipse works different than JDK.
Have you tried the command line? I changed the JDK version to 7 of IntelliJ, I got the same result.