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Recent posts by lakshminarayanan bala

Dear Team,
I've installed JBOSS 5.x.x in Windows box --> Have deployed few sample applications

I wish to create seperate JVMs for each and every sample applications that I've deployed..

I'm a newbie for JBOSS and trying to find a way:

-> By default I assume all the sample applications I've deployed uses the same default JVM - Correct me if i'm wrong

-> Is there a way to create seperate JVM instances for each of the sample apps I've deployed in my Jboss server.. (intention is to split up JVM resources between the applications deployed)

-> Is there a way to start/stop JVM instances seperately if I feel like stopping an application (sample application 1 , say) seperately

Any document which could help me on these would be greatly appreciated..

I did some research online but it only do confuse me

Thanks much in advance,
3 years ago