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I'm curious about the title. Leading Lean Software Development: Results Are not the Point.

I would think the results are everything. We use certain methodologies and practices to get the results we desire. How is it that Results are not the Point?
Although I have been doing PM work for almost 6 years I am using the book. As you get into the materials for PMP you will find there are some areas that you do not have enough dept with from regular day to day experience.

I have had the book for months. I use it along with the PMBOK and The RM Study guide. It is a refreshing read compared to the PMBOK and RM study guide.

For me, it helped me see some of the relationships between processes more easily. It helped me with the inputs and outputs alot.

I have the entire collection of Head First books and think no matter what your level you can learn something from each of them.

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This is true for all certifications. You can have the good without certifications and the bad with them.

The Professional advantage is that most likely someone with the certification will find their resume higher up on the list than someone without. I'm not saying I would not consider someone without the sert, but many places use it as a way to weed out candidates.

In my experience it helps in a few ways. One it shows initiative on the part of the person with the certification. Continuing education should be an important part of every career. Second it helps to determine gaps in your experience and education. There are many areas of PMP which many PMs never work with directly, but should be aware of.

The PMI certification not only requires verifiable experience but also Continuing education credits, which helps to raise the bar a little.

The pressure is on, I have a voucher and decided I will not be using it. It is valid until june 30 2006. it is product ID CX-310-055 for the 5.0 SCJP.

I've reduced my asking price to $85US. This is a US Voucher.


Why doesn't anyone ever suggest actually using the programming language to write applications or real world experience as usefull tools to passing the exam?

I hope that real world experience is implied and that is why it's rarely mentioned. Please remember memorizing the information and memorizing the practice test are useless once you try to actually get a job.

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Yes, it is. The voucher has not been registered with anyones name yet. I have a code which you can use at the web site where you register for the exam, you type in all your info and pay with the voucher code.

I have a SCJP 5.0 voucher good in the US till June 2006. I am looking to get what I paid for it ($106).

Just FYI The picture of the Statue is a replica of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.

The sculpture of Auguste Rodin is generally considered to be the most important contribution to the world of sculpture in the 19th century.

MCAD is a I believe 3 test certification. You would have a a choice from XML WebServices, Windows Applications and ASP.NET web app development in either C# or VB.NET.

Then you would need 1 elective either SQL Server or Security.

The SCJP is just the beginning of SUN's Certs. I would say to compare apples to apples you would need to obtain the SCJP, SCJD, and maybe SCWCD or SCDJWS.

Then you would be comparing the two correctly.

There is alot about the underlying platform of windows you would need to understand as well for the MCAD. For the Java certs you would need to kow the Java/J2EE platform.

Good luck


I bought a voucher and decided I will not be using it. It is valid until june 30 2006. it is product ID CX-310-055 for the 5.0 SCJP.

I'll take what I paid for it $107. This is a US Voucher.


[ June 20, 2005: Message edited by: Sal DiStefano ]
Everyone wants something for nothing. As Bert said, the testing centers have overhead. SUN is not making anything off this beta effort.

I do think the cost of any exam helps weed out the people who should not be taking it.

In the case of a beta exam they are looking to trim the questions on the test. They need/want the people taking it to be of a certain level so the curve can be adjusted properly. If they give it away for free they may have an unusual amount of people who are not really qualified to take the exam, sit for it. This would cause the curve to be adjusted improperly.

I have taken many Microsoft Beta exams, even passed a few. At one time they were open to everyone, now they are only open to people who already hold certification and you need to be invited. This I believe helps them tune the test, so they know the basic level of knowledge sitting for the exam.

Just my 2 cents.


P.S. I have more Google GMail invites. If you would like one, let me know. Please do not post your request here, email me.
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Here is an explaination or arrays and it has a small section on anonymous arrays. Sometimes it is just the way the person is trying to explain it. This might be easier to understand.


Here is some info that mya help.

To register for the SUN Microsystems "Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform you may register online at, and follow the prompts.

Or, you may register by phone, by calling your regional Prometric registration office, listed at

Asia/Australia 61-2-96405830
Europe 31-320-239-800
Japan 81-0120-107737
Latin America* Contact your local Prometric testing center, listed at
USA/Canada 1-800-795-3926

This should be what your looking for.

Good Luck

17 years ago
Since we can submit many entries I decided to choose another.

I like M:Supersize Me

I think reading Head First books is really different then books from other Authors and publishers. Head First books have a way of making difficult topics easier to understand. Heck even someone with a backround in FastFood could pick up one of the Head First Titles and be on their way to a career in programming/ software developemt.

17 years ago