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Recent posts by Shakku Singh

So i finally figured out what the problem was.
I needed to add a listener to track the state of the Bluetooth adapter. I was calling the startDiscovery() method but it was not synchronized with the enable() method call, therefore I had to start the discovery manually.
7 years ago

Dave Tolls wrote:For starters I'd stick some logging in there to try and trace what's going on.

The BluetoothAdapter should only send a FOUND for each device once, so logging might help to show whether that is the case or not.

Remove the check for whether the device is already in the list, since that should not be needed.
Also you should not have to manually get your android device to search.  If you do that then yes, you may well get duplicates.

Can you register for the START and STOP events from the adapter as well?  Log them just to track things.
That might give you some more info.

So, as you advised, I used logging, removed the check for device repetition and added the START and STOP action to the intent filter, but I'm getting the same results.
Here's the modified code

I tested it on Lollipop and Jelly Bean platform and on both I have to manually scan for devices, after which I'm getting proper logging messages, although, on Lollipop the devices are repeating, generating log message every time a device is added to the list, whereas on Jelly Bean one device is displayed only once.
Another thing that I don't understand is that the two conditions


are not being satisfied as I'm neither getting the log message nor anything on the TextView.
7 years ago

Chris Barrett wrote:Hi Shakku,

Welcome to the Ranch!

I have not tried compiling your program, but I'm curious to know about this part:

Why is that part needed?  It seems to be overly complex and the lack of {} makes following the blocks difficult.

Hi Chris
I was just trying to make sure that entries in the list are not repeated, although its not working.
7 years ago
Hi everyone.
So I'm trying to display a list of visible bluetooth devices but it's not working unless I hit refresh in the device's bluetooth manager, and then its showing the same device name and address multiple times.

Here's the main activity code

And here's the manifest file code

And the layout code

To make sure startDiscovery() was working properly I added a TextView that shows a message when the device is discovering, but that's not displaying anything either unless I hit refresh.
7 years ago