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Recent posts by Rishnarg Singh

Hey Everyone,
From past few days I am visiting this site, reading about people posting their difficulties/problems/experiences here and leaving out with solutions/learnings   . I appreciate what you guys do here.
Today I am posting because I have a situation I am struggling with. Here it goes.

I am considering the OCAJP8 certification. And it has been a very hard choice for me to make. I will explain below why I am saying this (nothing sad/bad in this, I would be more than happy if I clear the exam   ).

I have completed my Masters degree in Information Systems from Florida, US. I have 2 years of job experience in India as a Software Quality Automation Engineer. Still I am struggling to get a job in US   . Probably because I am an immigrant, it is becoming an issue for me to secure a good job based on my past work experience. My observation has pointed (I might be wrong     )  that a candidate with Masters degree in Computer Science has an upper hand in job search. They get plenty of opportunities as a developer or an automation engineer. And with the backing of strong and diverse conceptual knowledge in addition to coding skills gained through the degree, they can crack a good placement.

So, to get a job I have decided to do OCAJP8 certification. My thinking is that the certification would increase my chances to get interview calls and clear them. It might not make significant difference but it would definitely help me in my job placement. I hope I am not wrong. Because job market for programmers is good in US. [I want your comments on this   ]

This decision is hard for me because after doing a very less technical degree [Information Systems as compared to Computer Science], now I am moving into programming. This scares me off my feet, because I have limited time in my hands and I have too much to do to get a job.
In my case, I am no novice to Java or coding. But my problem is lack of programming experience. This makes me uncomfortable with the idea of programming though I have nothing against it.
My plan is to complete OCAJP8 and secure a job on its basis. And then start preparing for OCPJP8 along with my job.

I would really very very much appreciate your thoughts/comments on my situation here. I would want you people to suggest me some ways to prepare for OCAJP8 in better way.
Also, how can I improve my creative - logical thinking and improve my interest towards programming? Is there any book reading or puzzle solving activity which will help me for this?

I need your guidance. Thank you.
5 years ago