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Recent posts by cris arias

May I know what is the class that PostgreSQL implements the DataSource interface which is equivalent to MySQLDataSource class implemented by MySQL database sytem. And also it's API and docs.
Thanks !!

cris arias, scjp
I only have a slight chance to win the book - SCWCD. I am just a JSP and Servlet newbie, how could I answer many question to gain points for the book?
I wish to win - books here in the Philippines is too expensive P2,000.00 pesos more or less, wherein the average salary of Java Programmer/Developer is P13,000.00 pesos only.
Dear Sam and Dan,
I have already been monitoring your books since it was been introduce it in the internet thru Wrox Publishing Inc. I like Wrox really, because of its examples.
I am Crisostomo Arias, a self-taught Sun Certified Java Programmer 2. By the time I learn Java through a one week training in Universidad ng Pilipinas last December 10, 2001, I studied Java "step-by-step", I started it with SDK(java.lang,, java.utils,etc), then Beginning Java Networking by Wrox, then Beginning Java Databases by Wrox (java.sql) with PostgreSQL, then JAXP from the internet(,,, etc), then Professional Servlets 2.3 by Wrox (javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http) with Tomcat. Now, JSP, next would be JavaMail or JMS and in the near future EJB with JBoss. I know there are other technologies I have to learn such as SOAP.
But before EJB, I would polish my knowledge my knowledge in JSP and Servlets as what I had done with JavaSDK and in the future I will take SCWCD. I know your book will help me a lot.
Thanks in advance!.
If ever I will not win, Christmas Gift, if it is fine.I know javaranch is giving. "Kulit ako!" (just a joke) ("Kulit"- our language which means optimistic asker, "ako" means me.)
Thanks again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
cris arias - phils
Sun Certified Programmer for Java2