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Recent posts by Anunay Ashish

Hi All,
Is it possible to retrieve and post data directly to a database without any intermediary ASP, JSP or Servlets?
Anunay Ashish
21 years ago
Hi All,
I am developing an applet which I will be embedding in an HTML page. When the HTML page will be launched, it will get a URL and an id. I have to send the id at this URL(representing a Learning Management System). This will cause the information to be sent by the LMS.
I don't know how to ask for information when the information will be sent, how to recieve it at my end.
[ September 27, 2002: Message edited by: Anunay Ashish ]
21 years ago
When I am evaluating the property of a variable as
typeof(varName) it returns me object inspite of it having a string stored in it. Why doesn't it shows String instead of object?
I am using JavaScript as the server-side scripting language for ASP. I am difficulties where on the server side I am comparing the value of a variable to be "" or "undefined".
var myFirst = Request.QueryString("Name");
if(typeof(myFirst) != "undefined")
It is entering inside the if loop anyways, even if it is having no values in the query string.
I am being advised to use VBScript for server-side scripting rather than JavaScript?
Will it be more advantageous to do so?
Thanks in advance.
Pls guide me regarding .jsm files?
Thanks in advance.
21 years ago
Hi all,
I am not being able to run Real Player in IE by incorporating it in my HTML page. To know the classid of Real Player ActiveX control, I went into the System registry. I searched for "Real Player" inside the category Data.
I got it, with the directory structure showing inside
I copied the key as shown above and pasted it in the HTML file as:
<object classid="CFCDAA00-8BE4-11CF-B84B-0020AFBBCCFA"
With a check for the presence of the Real player as:
if(realP.readyState == 4)
plugInInstalled = true;
But I am facing the problem as whenever I try to open this file in IE, it opens the alternative page
if(plugInInstalled == false)

Pls suggest a remedy to this.
Warm Regards,
Hi All,
I am facing difficulty in making a menu while comparing two objects in
if(event.toElement == document.all[menu[index][i]])
The architecture of my menu is
W - W1 - W11
The problem is on going from w1 to w11 and not from w1 to w.
I have used nested div's.
We can compare objects as if(obj1==obj2) rt?
Pls. suggest me a solution to this.
[ August 31, 2002: Message edited by: Anunay ]