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Gopal Krishna

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Recent posts by Gopal Krishna

The PDF assignment file asked me to name the file with my SSN number. But later from the PearsonVue website i found that the exam id can be used to name the file. Also the file should be uploaded in the PearsonVue web site. Oracle also confirmed this in their response to my query to them.
I am about to submit my Part II and have 2 questions related to it

a) How should i submit my assignment ? If by email, to which email address should i send it to ?
b) The assignment says the Jar file name should have my SSN as part of it. I have asked Oracle if i can use my Oracle Candidate id instead of SSN since i am not comfortable creating a file with my SSN as its name. Any thoughts ?

Just to add to my query above.
I took the Part I of the exam for JEE 5 specification.

I passed part I of the SCEA Certification in December 2009 and am yet to complete the subsequent exams. Since its been a while i am not sure if my Part I exam is still valid or not.

Can i continue with the certification by taking part 2 and 3 or should i take part 1 of the exam also ?

I have posted this query to Oracle Certification team and have not received a response yet. If any one has the answer to this in this forum, please clarify.

Thank you !


You are correct. I misstated. It should be, you can submit Part 2 and take Part 3 later.

I made this call the day i posted my comment above.

Here is my take on this. I got the Part II voucher before Sun became part of Oracle.

Called oracle at 800.529.0165

They asked me to send the assignment to

After getting the results of Part II, participate in Part III

But for those who got voucher after the Sun acquisition the below link might be useful
Congratulations !! Very useful information.
Can you give your opinion on the 2 mock exams you have mentioned ? I plan to buy one of the 2..this would help to make up my mind.

I am trying to read files on a remote machine for which i have read access. I can access these file from my windows xp m/c using am url of type


but when i try to access these using i get varying results.

with Eclipse jdk when i use the below URL

URL u = new URL( "file:\\\\machine_name\\e\\j2skd1.4.2\\lib");

I am able to retrieve the contents of the lib folder in an HTML format.

with jdk 1.4 i get the below exception Connection refused: connect

What is the URL format i should be using with Sun's jdk to be able to retrieve the contents of a directory ?
Thank you !!
15 years ago
Hi Edwain,

Thank you.. THis works for me.
15 years ago
Is there a way to get the last modifed date of a file residing on a remote machine ? I tried the URL class. Could get to the file's contents but not the last modifed date of the file.

Any suggestion is very much appreciated !! Thanks.
15 years ago

This is where i plan to use this. In my Test Enviroment i want to configure my logging so that for certain error levels an email will be sent out with the log message after logging. I identify the develper to whom mail shld be sent by looking at the properties files which have the ClassName mapped to the programmer and programmer mapped to email.

Now in the logger i want to know which class actually made the call, to be able to look at the properties file to identify the programmer and his email.


17 years ago
Thanks Joe and Carol,

Now i undestand that this solution works but only since 1.5.

But is there a way we can achieve this in prior versions ?

-- Srini
17 years ago

The solution that you have suggested would not work, since Thread does not have getStackTrace() method .


17 years ago