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world traveler, techie, geek mom, Fender🎸junkie lover of all things Java and Android development.
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Recent posts by Kim Cook

Thank you Giovanni, I changed it to Linear Layout and it works perfectly now!
7 years ago
I followed the instructions to add the landscape layout view to GeoQuiz; now the questions are not visible. Below are the steps I took:

I copied the activity_quiz.xml and content_quiz.xml files from "layout" to the "land-layout" folder (in project view)
I updated the landscape content_quiz.xml file from linearLayout to frameLayout per the instructions
Now the questions have disappeared from both portrait and landscape layout in Android Studio.
The weird things is when I run the app on my Android phone I can see the questions in portrait view only. When I rotate the device to landscape the questions are not visible.
I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thank you for your assistance.

Below is my code:

7 years ago
Thank you everyone for all of the great feedback . @Junilu thank you very much for the detailed response. I will incorporate your suggestions into my code. I really appreciate the feedback everyone.
7 years ago
Hi RL, I found a tutorial in the link below on how to write JUnit tests in Netbeans that might be helpful.  Hopes this helps.
7 years ago
Hello Everyone, I am working my way through Deitel Java How to Program 10th Edition and have prepared a gas mileage app that will The program should calculate and display the miles per gallon obtained for each tankful and print the combined miles per gallon obtained for all tankfuls up to this point. I would like to ensure I am on the right track.  All feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Thank you.

7 years ago