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Vaibhav Gargs

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Recent posts by Vaibhav Gargs

There would be 2 cases:

1. Messages which don't reach to the consumer at all and lost on the way
2. Messages which reached the consumer but processing got failed.
I am not in favour of replacing it with activemq. I am just thinking that since we have both producer and consumer written in java tech stack what other reason/benefit RabbitMQ would provide other than activemq? And, I believe RabbitMQ provides platform independence which is lacking in activemq. Please correct me if wrong.
4 days ago

Claude Moore wrote:What is RabbitMq required by? Is it a product requirement?

In the project architecture, RabbitMQ is being used for messaging. So just thinking why can't we use activemq?
4 days ago
I am just wondering why RabbitMQ is required she we already had activemq? Both are messaging techniques and for language independence, there could be wrappers built around activemq to support diff languages.
4 days ago
If we are designing a multi threaded application, then how will we determine the optimal number of threads for the application?

Does a high number consume more processor as compared to less number of threads?

Which thread pool is best to use?
If we have a web app which serves around 500 concurrent users, then what will be the optimal number of DB connections too be configured? What all parameters to be used to determine this number?
And which Connection pool is best to use?
4 days ago
In SpringMVC application, we have a web.xml file and the project is packaged as a war file and deployed on a server. But, in case of SpringBoot, we don't specify any web.xml and the file is also a jar file.

I am wondering:

1. Do we  really not need the web.xml? This must be there for a web application.

2. If there is no war file, then how it is able to server the web requests?

3. How the spring boot jar file runs on embedded tomcat?
1 week ago
I am learning about Docker and have few basic doubts about it:

1. We say that we get the same platform in different environments as dev/test/prod etc. using docker, so, do we specify the OS to be used in docker file?

2. How the docker file works internally? When we download an image for mysql/oracle what actually it contains inside it? How about licensing of the software?

3. We can give the port number explicitly to run the applications. But, how it is used to autoscale the applications i.e. how it assigns the ports in that case?

4. How does a MySQL image differs from MySQL installation package?
I am just wondering what is the significance of Lambda expressions:

1. Is this just another way to write anonymous inner classes?

2. Is there something which we can't achieve till Java7 without lambda's feature available?

3. is this just a short code for writing the code?
1 week ago
If we have to implement Internationalization in the websites, then we use the properties files having key value pairs - keys being consistent across languages. So, what is the best way to load these properties :

1. During loading the application itself
2. Whenever we call some page to render, then fetching those properties only
3. Any other way?
2 weeks ago
Hi Campbell,

I understood that OAuth2 can be used to access the authentication/authorization from 3rd party apps such as google/facebook etc. So, just wondering if we can use it in our apps as well?

And, in JWT, there is a json web token which contains information about algorithm, payload and signature, so, what is included in OAuth2 token?

3 weeks ago
Hi All,

What is the difference between JWT and OAuth2? Can we use them interchangeably? Please share some good resources to learn about both.

3 weeks ago
We are developing the RESTful services for search operations. As per REST Specs, since we are fetching the data from the server, it must be GET HTTP Method. But, we have to search on a huge number of parameters and this list can extend in future too. And, there is a limit to the query URL length, so, all search parameters can't be able to fit in the query URL. So, how can we implement this search?
2 months ago
For propagation levels implementations, do we need to have 2 or methods in place? And, both the methods must contain @transactional annotation?
2 months ago