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Vaibhav Gargs

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Recent posts by Vaibhav Gargs

Database support triggers but how it would update the cache?
2 days ago
We are using hibernate for database interaction (Oracle 11G). Also, we have ehCache caching mechanism in our application to improve the performance. But, the problem is sometimes we are getting old data which is updated in the database doesn't reflect in cache and hence, users see the older data. We have to solve the problem to keep the cache data always up to date i.e. whenever the database is updated, it should reflect in cache as well. How to achieve this?
2 days ago
Thank you Paul. I have read that there are certain libraries such as Atomikos , Bitronix which support XA transactions. Don't we get the global transaction support by Spring?
5 days ago
Can experts please suggest what is the best industry standard to accomplish the global/distributed transactions?
5 days ago
Thank you Stephan. I had a look at the source code shared by you.

Could you please help me in understanding below:

1. We develop a jar file, then how it is deployed and run on tomcat?

2. How does spring autoconfigures the multiple modules?

5 days ago
Thank you Henry and Ron.

Which acknowledgement mode we should be using for this case? And, suppose our application consumed the message successfully, and in the meanwhile, the broker gets restarted without having any acknowledgement, then, i believe it will redeliver the message, right? And, what will happen for non-persistent messages?

Should we persist the correlation ids somewhere in DB, and, will then check for every incoming message against the stored ones, but won't it be a big performance hit?
5 days ago
I want to understand the full lifecycle flow of a JMS message such as:

1. When the message is posted in queue?
2. WHen the message is delivered to consumer?
3. When and how the acknowledgement is sent?
4. How and when the retries happens?
5. If the message is persisted, when it is deleted from the persistent store?
5 days ago
We are receiving some messages in JMS queues, so, wanted to understand how can we identify the duplicates JMS messages?
5 days ago
In microservices architecture, we have an application comprised of multiple services. So, I am just trying to understand how the transaction can be implemented in microservices world.
1 week ago
The other process will keep on appending the data to the file though it won't be updating the existing records. So, can it be achieved somehow in Java?
1 week ago
Hi Campbell,

We need to parse and put the data in DB according to some business rules.

Regarding reading a file that is continously growing, I am not sure about the approach which would be ideal. So, seek inputs regarding this.

Thank you.
1 week ago
We have to process the data as well apart from searching.
2 weeks ago
If we have to process a huge file say in GBs and it is growing continously, we have to process the file say search a word in this file, what is the optimal approach for this?
2 weeks ago
What is the difference between IBM MQ, Active MQ, RabbitMQ, Tibco EMS etc.? How to determine which one to choose in the project?
Thank you Saurabh and Tim.

Here, we provide our username and passowrds and it works fine. I want to understand where the LDAP is configured to be used for authentication/authorization.
3 weeks ago