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Recent posts by surya preethaaa

In Rotating Cluster Layout,i want to place the parent word at the center(ABOVE THE NODE CIRCLE) on click..
The PROBLEM is on node close ,the position of the parent word remains same.How should i overcome this issue?
(already asked in other site,i didn't get proper response there..thats why i am posting it here... )

2 years ago
In rotating cluster layout i want to change the text pattern based on number of children ..if the child is more than 15 the design looks like this  ,(i.e)overlapping i want to change the pattern of the text based on the number of child ...if the child is more than 15 i want to make the text vertical  like  otherwise i want the text to be horizontal...already asked here  i did'nt get proper response so i post this question here...
thanks for your reply...
i used like this

only the d3 file run and show data.json file not found
i have four files
*index.php  // mysql data to json format conversion
*in.html    //d3 design
*data.json   // json for d3


i want to do two actions in one button click (one after another)
first  index.php should load and write json into the data.json file
second the json file should be used in the in.html



in try.html file i tried to do two actions at a time,but onlu the index.php file runs and get the result into data.json..
no action in in.html file..
can anyone tell me where it goes wrong???
3 years ago
also tried with this method,only the url changes,even the testing word itself is not displayed..
3 years ago
i am trying to get the d3 design based on input without page refresh..when i click the submit button ,dfgfggzgfdg    is  displaying without refresh as i used that words inside the body section in in.html file for testing problem is why it is not taking the d3 script in in.html to get the d3 design in the same page when submit button is clicked???.any suggestions will be helpfull..
here is my code

3 years ago
i check like this

shows "name is set"..
don't know where is the error...

output is    SELECT * FROM phpp WHERE value =You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
where it is wrong
the above post is the error i to overcome this???
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''%அகல்%' at line 1
where அகல் is the word i gave in text field
as per my knowledge it can be used with or without backticks..
trying to get all rows containing particular value based on input form from mysql database using php..for that i am using LIKE but shows only the column name ,can't able to fetch the related data ...
also tried with

display only column name..
any idea over here???

i worked with jsp and servlet to retrieve the database data..finally i am working with PHP to retrieve the data in json format...i tried with php and my FINAL RESULT is in ARRAY FORMAT..i want to convert this array to JSON Format..
here is my PHP code

my output is

my mysql table is

I ALREADY TRIED WITH json_encode and the output is completely wrong

how can i get  parent and children in json format from this php array???
mysql table is looks like this

below is my PHP CODE


MY question is ,
is there is any way to convert this array into nested JSON model???
if yes,can anyone give me some suggestions over here..
3 years ago
i try to use servlet ..i created the java class..but after that i dont know how to proceed..
when i design the table as the binary model ..
i think it is difficult to use the datas in D3..where the datas should be fetched from the database onclick
3 years ago