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If it helps anyone we did some searching and decided to go with the commercial solution DataMinder
It looks promising as a framework to quickly build backend functionality using plugins.
2 years ago
Thanks Stephan

Yes I know, so I thought I ask here to maybe get some new ideas.  Sometimes one stumble upon something  one did not know or thought about before.
2 years ago
Possible requirements may be:

- Easy to extend by building modules/plugins without having to spend a lot of time to learn the framework/application.
- Use modules or plugins to build modular functionality and reuse previous code.
- The framework/application manages and runs the plugins or modules based on schedule or external events.
- Easy to use and configure e.g. having a graphical user interface instead of "configuration by files".
- Running on multiple OS e.g. Windows and Linux.

I am interested in finding ways to quickly and easily build backend/server applications by reusing modules/plugins and combining these to do different things e.g. implementing a web service api , running batch jobs syncing data that needs
some modification etc. Basically backend or server type of tasks or processes.

The solutions I found so far that most closely matches the requirements were mostly OSGI based.

Can you suggest any others?

2 years ago