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r ranson

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since Sep 28, 2016
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Recent posts by r ranson

I'll send you my mushrooms if you send me your little green cabbages.  
3 years ago
I had some authors mention the kindle thing to me in emails over the years - I never looked up the details.  

The flipbook - that could be hidden behind a login wall?  Like a private forum?

I think that would solve some of the problems. Not for the main book, but for granting access to such and such content.  
4 years ago

Tim Holloway wrote:

I'm going to say it again. If you make it so that when I die or you go out of business (a very real danger with, and past history with Borders) that my purchase evaporates into thin air, it's very likely I won't buy your book in the first place, so you will lose money even without piracy. And even Paul's claimed and debatable 50% piracy rate beats 100% sales loss when you're too scared to publish at all without lockdown.

I totally get what you are saying.  Yes, it is related to the question.  However, it would be more helpful to focus on the question we are asking.

I read a while back that if we have a book published on kindle, we can grant free access to individual readers - either for free or for a fee ($0.99).  Is that still a possibility?  Would that solve the issue, Paul?  

How about a system like these people use?
4 years ago
What about the actual idea?  Is there a service out there?

My library has a few different services where I can borrow a book or a magazine (hoopla is one of these, but there are about 7 different kinds).  If I'm on my PC, I can only read it online.  But on my tablet, I can read these online or download them to read later.  

How does a regular human publish their work on this kind of service?  
4 years ago
Wow, those are beautiful.  

This one's pretty neat, if a bit purple.

This one's a little bit different.  A little less Gypsy, but still a nomadic house.

6 years ago