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Recent posts by Max Richter

I am using this code to run a small web service server under HTTP (copied from

Works great but now I have to run the whole thing with HTTPS/SSL. I have googeled and all tutorials and instructions seem to be from 2010/2011 so I am wondering: what is the 2019 way of switching this over to HTTPS?
1 month ago

This is my first post here so please bear with me if I am asking something completely stupid (also I am pretty new to Java development and trying to teach it myself since a couple of weeks ...

So here is my problem: I have a TreeView object with TreeItems and added some drag and drop functionality to the items with this code

Now I want to change the appearance of the TreeItem objects (displaying more information than just the value) and created a new class that extends the TreeItem class

I am applying that new TreeItem class to the buildTree() class by changing the initial part to

but now the @Override produces this error message

If I comment the @Override out and run the application, everything is fine and the TreeItems get rendered like I want to. But now the drag & drop no longer works. To be honest, I am not sure what exactly killed it ...
Thanks for every hint where to look at and if somebody could explain the error message to me, that would also be highly appreciated!

2 years ago