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I was wondering how you came up with your approach to teaching Java to absolute beginners. Because for people with no prior knowledge about programming, teaching them how to program can be a difficult task.
Also, what made you want to write a book for absolute beginners?
4 years ago

I had a look at the table of contents and the sample chapter. The book seems to be quite comprehensive, but it also seems to be quite elementary. Most developers have come in contact with javascript and jquery at some point in their careers. They will have learned most of the things from the book. And the developers that have spent some time actually looking into jquery will have come into contact with pretty much anything that I could see in the table of contents.

Do you think that even advanced developers could benefit from this book? And why?
So if I understand correctly, by using these tools, I can easily switch between frameworks in the future (if done correctly)?
Why did you choose to use these 3 tools specifically? Is it because you've done a lot of research and found a good synergy between them? Or is it more because you have the most experience using these tools?
With Java having been an object oriented programming language for roughly 2 decades, how has it adapted towards the functional mindset which has been gaining popularity since the early days of programming? There are many other functional programming languages out there. And they are more often than not better at functional programming than Java is. Why will people use Java to do their functional programming?
Most people write books when they get inspired by something. I was wondering what inspired you to start writing this book. It's not very common to find a book about testing that starts at the beginning.
5 years ago