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Recent posts by Yury Demidenko

How to make ld (linker) to create new dynamic tags in ELF without flag "--enable-new-dtags".
Just compiled binutils-2.30 makes old tags by default.
Test program:

$ echo "int main(void) { return 0; }" > conftest.c
$ gcc -o conftestexe -g -O2 -Wl,-rpath -Wl,/foo conftest.c
$ objdump -p conftestexe | grep foo
#for big program better:
$ readelf -d conftestexe | grep PATH

it's for new by default: RUNPATH /foo
it's for old by default: RPATH /foo

Hardcoded (forced/sticked) RUNPATH is used for auto-testing,
for example MPFR's "configure" changes behavior because of it
(lt_cv_shlibpath_overrides_runpath=no for old RPATH)
3 weeks ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch
You have a good point the OP hasn&aos;t given you any contact information.

I thought PM (here or on https://sourceforge.net) is enough.
This is open-source project, this is means work for free.
3 years ago
I'm sorry for my mistake of missing "... be sure to include the location in the title".
3 years ago
Location - Distance working. Any timezone/country/native language is allowed (preferred). Working language is English.
3 years ago
Hello everyone.

Where is new truly cross-platform WEB application Beige Accounting (open-source).
It works on embedded A-Jetty for standard Java (Ms Windows, Mac, Nix...) and Android. Project also based on cross-platform Beige-ORM.

If you are interested to join in this project, then try to do this task:

1. get last release 1.1.1 (not snapshot) from https://github.com/demidenko05/beige-software
2. extract subprojects - beige-accounting, beige-accounting-web-jar, beige-accounting-web as Maven modules in new parent or as independent projects.
3. create your own github repository (if you haven't), change group ID in these Maven projects.
4.  add accounting method "PurchaseInvoice, Debit Inventory per InvItemCategory, Credit AccPayable per DebtorCreditorCategory" into  beige-accounting and upgrade.sql version 3.
5. change beige-accounting-web from MySQL to SQLite database
6. add report "Database ID, Version, Description" with servlet, business service, JSON/JSP into modal dialog.
7. recompile and check it out on sample database
8. publish it on your github repository

documentation is in beige-software/src/site/xdoc

I think it will take 1-2 weeks for an unskilled (never work with JSP/Java...) programmer with analytical type of mind.

This is not difficult task. All sample code inside.

This is open-source project, work remotely.
3 years ago