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Recent posts by john bean

hello i have not coded in ages and god damb im rusty i am trying to make an android launcher but have not got far yet i am stuck with the following code trying to load to installed apps into a gridview. i am not using xml but the error it is throwing is "addView(View) is not supported in AdapterView" i have marked the error and line in code if anyone had any advice as how i get around this i have not used allot of gridviews in any app i have made before any help would be great thanks

2 months ago
k so im an idiot this is how

knew it had to be simple
3 years ago
code generates object from this class and puts them into an arraylist

the for loop then gos through the arraylist pulling out the icons and put them into a scrollable gridview but the icons are drawables i need to convert them to imageviews

the error is

thanks again for reply
3 years ago
its a compile time error and it should return an image every time from the array of objects thanks for reply
3 years ago
hi i have an arraylist of object and one element of the onjects is a drawable and im need to return this object as an imageview but wont alow me to (cast) it to view i havint coedd in months as busy working anyone know how i could do this


any help would be great thanks
3 years ago
k there is no need to call ondestroy from on pause killing the thread from onpoause did the job and no error
3 years ago
hi im trying to run a mediaplayer as service but i want the service to stop when the app is closed obiously this is problematic my solution is to call the ondestro() from on pause which works but i get an error which i cant find the solution to the code and logcat are below

my mainactivity

the service class

when i press the hom,e button the service does stop but then my device gets a popup topast with the standard app has stoped with the following error in logcat

any help would be great thanks
3 years ago
k it updated finally took about 2 days though
3 years ago
i have removed version 1.0 from play store no new featurs where added and the target and min apk is the same as old one but on the device that still has old version installed it is still version 1.0 on play store even though i have removed the apk? any ideas?
3 years ago
hi i have app on playstore and want to release an update i have uploaded it and when it is downloaded it is the new version you get but i have old version on a phone and have checked for updates and the new version is not getting sent to existing users any ideas what i might be doing wrong the new version has been up for 24hours ish anyone have this problem before ? thanks
3 years ago
the problem was due to android chainging the way permissions are don from sdk23 i fixed it by chainging my target sdk to 22 in gradle now it works
3 years ago
hi im trying to save a bitmap from my app;lication but am getting the following error

the code im using to save the bitmap is

this seems to be a permission problem but i have the read write permissions in my manifest file

any ideas why this would happen also the device im using does not have an fysical sd card however it does have a virtual one

4 years ago
thanks your right and thanks to you i have full list @ thanks allot i do not have all the answers yet but thanks to you at least i know the fecking question! thanks
4 years ago
hi does anyone know where i can find keycodes for symbols like "^,*[]" etc i have some of them and i have "0-9"+"a-z" i will post them below in case there of use to anyone but i cant find a complete list anywhere i know the android api has some info on this at but i cant figure out the api there are values the but no ints which are required if anyone could point me to a list or explain the doc would be great. below is me xml file for keyboard i need the (android:codes=?) for symbols like pound sign and move coursor back one space without deleting etc

<Keyboard xmlns:android=""
       <Key android:codes="49" android:keyLabel="1" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
       <Key android:codes="50" android:keyLabel="2"/>
       <Key android:codes="51" android:keyLabel="3"/>
       <Key android:codes="52" android:keyLabel="4"/>
       <Key android:codes="53" android:keyLabel="5"/>
       <Key android:codes="54" android:keyLabel="6"/>
       <Key android:codes="55" android:keyLabel="7"/>
       <Key android:codes="56" android:keyLabel="8"/>
       <Key android:codes="57" android:keyLabel="9"/>
       <Key android:codes="48" android:keyLabel="0"/>
       <Key android:codes="-5" android:keyLabel="DEL" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
       <Key android:codes="113" android:keyLabel="q" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
       <Key android:codes="119" android:keyLabel="w"/>
       <Key android:codes="101" android:keyLabel="e"/>
       <Key android:codes="114" android:keyLabel="r"/>
       <Key android:codes="116" android:keyLabel="t"/>
       <Key android:codes="121" android:keyLabel="y"/>
       <Key android:codes="117" android:keyLabel="u"/>
       <Key android:codes="105" android:keyLabel="i"/>
       <Key android:codes="111" android:keyLabel="o"/>
       <Key android:codes="112" android:keyLabel="p" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
       <Key android:codes="-1" android:keyLabel="CAPS" android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
       <Key android:codes="97" android:keyLabel="a" />
       <Key android:codes="115" android:keyLabel="s"/>
       <Key android:codes="100" android:keyLabel="d"/>
       <Key android:codes="102" android:keyLabel="f"/>
       <Key android:codes="103" android:keyLabel="g"/>
       <Key android:codes="104" android:keyLabel="h"/>
       <Key android:codes="106" android:keyLabel="j"/>
       <Key android:codes="107" android:keyLabel="k"/>
       <Key android:codes="108" android:keyLabel="l"/>
       <Key android:codes="-4" android:keyLabel="DONE" android:keyWidth="20%p" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
       <Key android:codes="122" android:keyLabel="z"/>
       <Key android:codes="120" android:keyLabel="x"/>
       <Key android:codes="99" android:keyLabel="c"/>
       <Key android:codes="118" android:keyLabel="v"/>
       <Key android:codes="98" android:keyLabel="b"/>
       <Key android:codes="110" android:keyLabel="n"/>
       <Key android:codes="109" android:keyLabel="m"/>
       <Key android:codes="47" android:keyLabel="/" android:keyWidth="10%p" />
       <Key android:codes="46" android:keyLabel="."/>
       <Key android:codes="64" android:keyLabel="\@" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
   <Row android:rowEdgeFlags="bottom">
       <Key android:codes="44" android:keyLabel="," android:keyWidth="10%p"  android:keyEdgeFlags="left"/>
       <Key android:codes="32" android:keyLabel="SPACE" android:keyWidth="40%p" android:isRepeatable="true"/>
       <Key android:codes="64" android:keyLabel="\@" android:keyEdgeFlags="right"/>
       <Key android:codes="91" android:keyLabel="back"/>
       <Key android:codes="22" android:keyLabel="forward"/>
       <Key android:codes="-1577" android:keyLabel="symbols"/>
4 years ago
hi i have a class making object from a wrapper class and am trying to retrieve values but cant i know im doing something really stupid any help would be great
first i create small arrays and a int that im using a a trigger for an action

here is the wrapper class creating the puzzle objects

I am then trying to retrieve the data lik handle.puzzles.get(0).//none of the values in the object appear ?

i have tryed inserting getters
and i have tryed creting a new puzzle object setting it equal to puzzles.get... but i am told by ide i cant set object to puzzles so what am i doing wrong i know this is a stupid question but my brain is wrecked
4 years ago