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Recent posts by john bean

Hi i am trying to implement reverb and audio enhancer but can find little to no documentation on it the code below for both does nothing but i am unsure what i am doing wrong the ontouch listeners work as the print out the integers but no reverb effect is applied and the audio does not increase if anyone could point me in the right direction would appreciate

4 days ago
thanks for reply but it worked one min then after some code update it just stopped the media player works and plays sound but no display when i was not working wit display its crazy f ing gremlins man
2 weeks ago
Hi i am making an app with a fragment launched from mainactivity but suddenly it has stopped loading the display and i cant figure out why it was working one min but not the next run i have tried uninstalling it resatarting my phone and cleaning the cach but boom it just wont work and im still getting to grips with new logcat if anyone could spot the error i would be greatful

i have also tried on emulater same problem

it seems the only error is to do with mediapllayer but that works fine just no display
2 weeks ago
k just an update when running i got error i uninstalled on device then tried and it worked sry should have tried that
1 month ago
thanks for replys have hit have been afk for a few week "f ing work!" but have hit an unusual problem ... my phone samsung a14g5 did a software update and now im getting runtime error

this seems to be a prob at samsung os level my eq works on emulator but when run on phone it crashes at launch but i have tried a few different eqs and they work does anyone know a fix?

the code throwing error is

thanks for any help
1 month ago
thanks for replys what i am trying to do is navagate through phone and select a file for mediaplayer and save the link in my app sorry have not replied sonner windows broke my debian I HATE WINDOWS!
4 months ago
hi i am trying to open a directory and get file uri after selecting a file but am getting null pointer

but am getting error

4 months ago
thanks for suggestion but i have just excepeted to learn to use new logcat the reason i dont get printouts is System.out.println() does not work with it i must use Log.d("Tag",  "string");
4 months ago
k the problem was you can only access views in the layout that is setContentView(r.layout); while my view was in different layout but i need it in activitymain so i moved it there the problem now is my mainActivity is a framelayout and although i have it working it is at the top of the screen covering menus i need to set constraints to place it under another layout so how do you do that??

my activity_main.xml is

but everytime i go into gui it wont let me attach constraints i think cos it a framelayout it just places it at the top any hep would be great thanks
4 months ago
hi i dont normally use xml and just do layouts from java i am trying to use an audio visual library it works when i don i from java but i need to place it into xml but it doesint appear its like its covered by another layout and i dont get any errors so where should i place th barvisualizer so it apears above the virtical seekbars

4 months ago
i created a new project and copied over the classes and it worked not sure what went wrong
4 months ago
hi i am trying to implement a github lib in my project which took a while as the instructions forgot to mention the need include jcenter() to the project but finally got it working but now i get an error relating to Resource file in appcompatviewinflater which is a system file and cant be edited

I have tried adding
to gradle.propertys and restarting but still missing it may be the project i am using never migrated to androidx does anyone know a way to fix this thanks

i allso tried clearing the cash etc and adding

to gradle and refractor migrate to androidx but still get error

but at least i am half getting used to new logcat
4 months ago
thanks for reply the new logcat sucks but hyou could turn it off up until this update so it looks like i and from what i have read 90% of develeopers just have to try debug with no way of printouts etc wtf are google thinking
4 months ago
Hi i cant use the new logcat with latest studio and there is no option to go back to old one in exerimental so i downloaded old flamingo but when i open any project i get error

The project is using an incompatible version (AGP 8.1.4) of the Android Gradle plugin. Latest supported version is AGP 8.0.2
See Android Studio & AGP compatibility options.

but studio cant download it so how do i fix this as i cant stand the new one you cant even do printout of get errors it makes troubleshooting immpossible any help would be great thanks as atm i cant develop
4 months ago
Hi i am trying to add a external library to my project but cant seem to get it to work the library is

but cant get my project to recodnise it and cant figure wht i am doing wrong i have in gradle

and have both the folder and the folder converted in jar in lib folder of my project but cant seem to use it and have no idea why it wont work
i have allso trued this library by adding
implementation 'com.chibde:audiovisualizer:2.2.0'
whic the gradle synced ok but it is not available in my project it has been so long since i have used an external library if anyone could point out my stupidity i would be greatful thanks
5 months ago