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Recent posts by Richard Huang

Just received the voucher from Sun...

I don't see any concerns there for random test takers only going for discounts... there is 500 quota.

First of all, within the 500 person, the majority is serious test taker, like Nick and me.. :roll:

Secondly, there may have been 499 test takers eligible for the discount, who would take that risk to pay $49 for nothing?

hahaha, enjoy...

Thus, I believe the vouchers should only award to those who passed the exam, as this stops the people who want to "buy" a voucher at a discount for other SUN exams using this short-cut.

Don't you think that whoever took the exam, no matter passed or not, did contribute their time and knowledge to the evaluation? I don't believe only people who pass contribute to the BETA test.

People will not go for the Beta exam only for the 40+% discount. They still have to pay, and spend time to stady and take the exam. Most important, their answers contribute to the evaluation. That is where the discount comes from´┐Ż
I will understand it as whoever took it.

It makes sense that whoever took it, no mather passed nor not, has contributed to the exam itself. So it will be fair to give it to whoever paid and took the exam.

It sounds to me like that so far, by now, there are less 500 beta test takers...
Just received the voucher...thanks guys.
Just passed the sample test. Do I need to do anything so that I can receive the voucher? or anyone who took and passed the 141 sample test will receive the voucher if the 2000 vouchers are not used up.
a mock question:

Here is a method which creates a number of String objects in the course of printing a count down sequence. When the program reaches line 8, how many of the String objects created in line 5 are eligible for garbage colloection?

A. none
B. 1
c. 10
D. 11

My take is D, but the answer is C. The explanation is because only the last String object of the 11 created still has reference.

My question is the tmp variable is difined in the for loop. When out of the loop, tmp will not exist. How can it hold the last object?

Thanks as always.
Cheer!!! So happy.

I just resceduled the exam to 5-Mar-2005. Earn more time to study on the subject.

Hi rathi,

Can you share your experience on the preparation?


I have scheduled to write the beta exam on Feb 12. After coving all the 1.4 material, I am pretty confident that I can take the exam 1.4 down. But I have not started to review the new features yet. And there is limited time...

Should I cancel the beta and re-schedule to take the 1.4 exam instead? It will be more realistic to me. And it looks like a quick shoot for me.

If I should, what can I do? Thanks as always...
[ February 03, 2005: Message edited by: Richard Huang ]
I cannot see why the answer should be A. Can somebody give me some help?

1. class Super {
2. public float getNum() { return 3.0f; }
3. }
5. public class Sub extends Super {
7. }
Which method, placed at line6, causes compilation to fail?
A. public void getNum() { }
B. public void getNum(double d) { }
C. public float getNum() { return 4.0f; }
D. public double getNum(float d) { return 4.0d; }
How many questions are from the existing 1.4 questions, and how many are for the new 1.5 features.

I just want to see how many effort I should take on the 1.4 study. Or can I just focus on the 1.5 new feaures?