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Recent posts by Vasan

Hi all,
for me also the same two questions that satya mentioned earlier came. also there are some scenario based questions in UDDI like for fast searching which one will u use
then questions in well formedness, many in schema but all are simple (read from and some examples from xpath and xslt (
then...what is the disadvantage of DOM (obvoius memory) very very basic questions only.
Those who have already certified can u please tell me where to get the wallet and other details. Right now they gave me only the marksheet.
Dear Ranchers,
iam happy to say that i have cleared my XML certification today.
Actually the exam was very very easy and nothing to worry about it.I finished my exam in 58 minutes and i have marked 22 and had lots of time to review the questions.No one need to worry about time.
My personal experience is that all has to write the exam and pls dont follow the messages that the exam is tough and no time at all like that...
i do agree that there are lots of scenario based questions and many are simple and easy to understand and spot the answer correctly.We have to keep our head cool adn when there are some big questions pls mark it and go to the other question so that we can complete the first round ASAP.
some questions are from IBM mock exams very simple questions from DOM and SAX.I was really worried about this one because i haven't did any examples in DOM/SAX but the questions are very simple.
before going to the exam pls read all the messages posted by the ranchers, that adds value.I studied for 3 months part time only.
thanks once again java Ranchers
All the best for all others those who are preparing for certification.
the #13 states that "Processing instructions can be used for all of the following EXCEPT:"
except is the keyword here....we can pass the name to a PI (xsl syntax) so my choice goes for b,c
pls see the question "Processing instructions can be used for all of the following EXCEPT"
we can pass the stylesheet name thro the processing instruction as u have explained. so my choice goes to b,c
correct if iam wrong
hi all,
when we use
<xsl:value-of select="translate('--aaa--','aba--','ABC')" />
returns AAA
whereas when we use
<xsl:value-of select="translate('--aaa--','-aba--','ABC')" />
returns AABBBAA
can any one pls explain how this is coming?
for 13 u voted for a. But we can pass the name of the stylesheet in procession Instruction.
so my vote goes for c. pls correct if iam wrong.
Hi Shan,
in the example we are selecting the value. Instead of value-of when we use apply-templates it will come in <i>.
Hope iam clear.
can we use conditional sections in Internal DTD.
Can any one explain abt parameter entities.In many papers i saw the reply as "Circular Reference to itself". whats that circular reference meant...?
Hi jayadev,
When we are using B2B the common mode of transfer will be xml file
When we are using B2C/C2C we have to convert the xml file and render it depending on the client(browser pda etc...)

There are three ways where we can render it.
1. Convert it in the server and render to client
2. Convert it on the Client
3. Convert into HTML before placing in on the server.
If memory constaint is not a problem means we can do the conversion in client else we have to do it in server.
So, my choice to ur question will be choice a..(pls correct if iam wrong)
All other guys explained B2B and B2C....
[ October 03, 2002: Message edited by: Vasan ]
Hi all,
Anybody from chennai who is having
professional xml 2nd edition
professional xml schema
professional xslt
i need to take xerox of the chapters
pls help