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Interested in Java and developing games .And love to learn code and nothing :P
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Recent posts by Saad Zahoor

Hi, there

I wanna know what will be output month if I use "MMM" for June

I thought if I use "MMM" I will get July but I am getting Jul. If anyone tells me what will be my output for June.

I am making an app for my client in which days matter and I need to equate the day with the day to get things done. I really appreciate if anyone tells me what output will I get for June

4 years ago
Thank you Randy Tong I will look into ConstraintLayout
5 years ago
5 years ago
I have an issue using scroll view below are the cases

**CASE 1**

when i don't use scrollview i get the layout like [this][1] and this is the layout i need.
Problem with this approach is when the device resolution is low 412 x 732 or below i cant see the whole content of the layout for that reason **i need scrollview**

**CASE 2**

if i use scroll view i get the view like this [this][2] and [this][3] this which is perfect and what i need for 412 x 732 or below but the problem occur when i see the layout in higher resolution 1080x1920 i get [this][4]

what is need is in **CASE 2** for higher resolution device the PROCEED button should touch the bottom with bottomPadding=20dp just like **CASE 1** image

I Really appreciate if someone give me suggestion to acquire the layout that work for both the devices having high and low resolution


in layout i removed the scrollview and i get the layout that is good for high resolution device but with the low resolution i do not get the whole content to see because i need to scroll down

5 years ago
Thank you for your time @tim mores


Yes I need it programmatically


Thanks for clarification
5 years ago
I have 2 questions

Question1 :

I have a file which is named as 3242349d9id.jpg and I want to convert the file name as saadzahoor.jpg
I really appreciate if someone helps me how can I edit the filename

Question2 :

If I make an app for someone and the app itself is not generating any money, I mean he or client cannot generate any money from the app it is just for the business purpose to see the activity of his (my client) clients!! Will the app considered for commercial use?
As a developer, i am getting paid for developing the app.

Will the app get the tag as commercial use?

5 years ago
Thanks for the reply

Backendless actually is a website that deals with the backend process like firebase
5 years ago
Hi there, i really appreciate if anyone tell me how login-register and save data to specific user

I mean i do not have issue in login and register user to backendless but wanna understand how things work

things :

let's say

user1 login into his account and save some information related to his phone number some description and hobbies etc


user2 login and do the same thing

what question comes in mind while  all the data saved in database then all the data will be mixed how do i know which user has what name
i mean i wanna specify user data to specific user  

i mean how can i link the data that i saved from user1

i mean how this thing work

I know that this sound is confusing but i really need to understand
5 years ago
Hi There I have one question if anyone helps me to understand or provide me some kind of link

ContentValues cv = new ContentValues() ;

I have the idea what this line of code is doing but I am confused in this line

FingerprintManager fm = (FingerprintManager) getSystemService(SERVICE_FINGERPRINT);

I wanna know where we use (FingerprintManager) or other objects

if anyone explains to me why we use (OBJECT) int bracket to instantiate the object.

5 years ago
I am capturing the view of the scroll view and create the bimap object and then saving the image into the device

while doing so i am facing error

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: width and height must be > 0

can anyone fix the issue ! what i am doing wrong

6 years ago
Hey guyz .. i wanna ask can i install munt over kali ?
6 years ago
O i understand. We cannot just invoke the non static method into static method directly .. First we have to create the object then we can declare it ..

where as there is no need to create the object while calling the static method into static method

well thanks for the help
6 years ago
so is it wise while coding in android or when developing android app ... When ever i declare variable .. should i declare it static ? or same with the method ..
6 years ago
Since we cannot create use non-static into static but what when we instantiate the class in static method , the class is not static then why our code is still working ??
6 years ago
this is my code and i get no error . When i press the button i hear nothing

image link

i think its not reading the sound file .. its mp3 format

6 years ago