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I try to create the web services in WSAD 5 based on an stateless session bean through the web services wizard. When I look into the new created router web project's web.xml, I encounter a question:

1) how does the the router servlet know where to forward the soap request, the servlet class is a common ibm class.

2) when I try to modify the servletname in the web.xml (I modified it in pair, both in servlet definition and servlet mapping), it turns out that the router servlet stop working.

So I assume that there may be a mapping between the router servlet name and the ejb name or similar info, but I just can't find out.

Anybody has an idea about this, thanks in advance.
18 years ago
Go to IBM redbook web site and use "web services" as keyword to do the search. You should good a list of pretty decent books.
18 years ago
Thanks a lot for sharing your tips of this cert.

I just followed the same steps and in 10 days I also clear this with 78%.

Thanks again.
Hi folks,

I just cleared the IBM 340 test(80%), I just wonder how could I get the hard copy certification from IBM, thanks a lot.
An application needs to be redeployed because the quality assurance team has just approved a bug fix and delivered a new .ear file. Using the admin console, which is the RECOMMENDED way to redeploy this application?

A. Applications -Enterprise Applications -Export -Update, Save

B. Applications -Enterprise Applications -Uninstall, Install, Save

C. Applications -Enterprise Applications -Export, Stop, Update, Export,Save, Start

D. Applications -Enterprise Applications -Stop, Update, Export, Save, Start

I would go for C, but some ppl with A


The Administrative Console provides multiple methods to help an administrator troubleshoot the system. Which of the following are examples of these methods?

A. Console messages
B. Trace
C. Logs
D. Profiling
E. Symptom database

why not A, B, C (but A, C)??


Which of the following statements about the First Failure Data Collect(FFDC) tool is false? (Select 1)

A. The FFDC cannot be disable.
B. The FFDC preserves information from a process
C. The Captured data is logged in a binary format.
D. There is no performance impact when running FFDC.

any idea?


[ March 23, 2005: Message edited by: Jason Hunt ]
[ March 23, 2005: Message edited by: Jason Hunt ]
that is really tricky.

But I think if only select one, D is stronger than C.

[ March 23, 2005: Message edited by: Jason Hunt ]
I agree with you on the connection pool question,

but for heap size question, the WAS startup shouldn't be affected by setting the minimum heap size equal to maximum heap size, right ?

What BEST describes setting the 'Minimum Heap Size' close to or equal to the 'Maximum Heap Size'?

A. High performance web applications waste more processing power on low performance functions.

B. Low performance web applications spend more processing power than necessary on low performance functions.

C. Can improve WebSphere Application Server start up.

D. Garbage collection cycles are more frequent that can affect performance.

I think should be D, but some ppl with C


A WebSphere Application Server V5.0 Administrator is attempting to understand WebSphere Connection Pooling. In which of the following examples should her application use WebSphere Connection Pooling?
(Select 3)

A. Whenever the application cannot tolerate the overhead of obtaining and releasing a database connection.

B. Whenever the application requires Java Transaction API (JTA) transactions within the WebSphere Application Server.

C. Whenever the application developers have implemented connection pooling in the code.

D. Whenever the application needs to share connections among multiple users.

E. Whenever the application manages the specifics of creating a connection, such as the database name, username, or password.

I go with A, C, E, but some ppl with A, B, D

Any idea ?
Which of the following tasks can be performed using the Application Assembly Tool (AAT)?
(Select 2)

A. Create/Edit J2EE modules

B. Create/Edit SDK Applications

C. Create the EAR expansion directory

D. Modify the binding information attributes and IBM extension attributes

thanks for the help.
but I think node agent only get created when this base WAS is added to the cell, so base version shouldn't have node agent, is that right ?
Which of the following statements are TRUE for IBM WebSphere
Application Server V5.0 "base" installation?
(Select 2)

A. The node agent is installed, but dormant.
B. Only 1 JVM is running in the node.
C. Clustering or workload balancing is configured.
D. The server-cfg.xml file is created.
E. The plug-in configuration file is used by the embedded HTTP

Anyone has an idea of the answer ?


I have an existing EJB1.1 project, now i need to use the MDB, so I decide to migrate to ejb2.0 project, my question is: can I retain the EJB1.1 CMP (lots of) that already exists. in a word, can I have a project with CMP1.1 and MDB at the same time. thanks in advance.