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Recent posts by matthew aldron

Hello eveyone,

I am using soapui in work and the person who setup the project has left the team and also set the project up for use on win machines.

he uses groovy script to start and stop a local test environment.

the command used to start the environment is

and in the groovy script the command is called on windows machine using :

We have now switched to using mac os and I can start the environment from terminal using

and all is fine.

when i try the groovy script above from within soapui it doesnt work

I changed the code to remove "bash" from the beginning of the command so it looks like this:

but still no joy,  

I know the local code path to where the bash script is located is correct so im guessing that its a different way of calling it on a mac,

I am pretty new to coding and groovy script and mac os, so any help would be appreciated.

kind regards


2 years ago
Thank you for this information.

That should give me enough to get on with for the time being

4 years ago

Martin Machajewski wrote:A bit offtopic but from my experience i can tell :
1.Java for dummies is a very good book for beginners. It teaches you java+oop.
2.Try to write small programms like a calculator or a programm that will load a text File and searches for strings etc.
3.Dont use tutorials, use Forums to ask if your Code is correct or why something is wrong.
4.Never give up, as an example: you did Not learned english in 1 year(i hope you are still learning)

thanks for advice I will get the book and create my own projects

and I will post any problems here as it is a very friendly forum, which means a lot for a beginner

I know I will get there because I enjoy it and I am a fast learner.

4 years ago
to all replies thank you so much for your help so far, its replies like this that wont put beginners off (as ive had more elitist replies on other sites and it makes you feel like you should not be learning)
have a good christmas


4 years ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:I am quite busy today, getting ready for Christmas but if you have time to check back here in a few days, I will lay out an informal course of study for you that will help you get ready for your classes in January.

ok thank you that would be brilliant

thank you so much and enjoy your christmas
4 years ago
Thanks for the replies, I am now going to look at writing methods

I am starting a degree in Computing & IT in January and java is the language I have to use.

do you think its ! a good language to start with?

4 years ago
I only have everything in main at the moment as I am very new to java and dont quite fully understand object orientated programming yet (just getting used to it)
4 years ago

Knute Snortum wrote:There are several other issues with your code:

1) Don't write something == true just write something.  Don't write something == false, just write !something.

2) You have everything in main.  Look at this Wiki: MainIsAPain (that's a link).
3) You should write a method that gets an integer from the keyboard and call that method.

thanks for this, it makes everything neater and makes sense

4 years ago
ah ok I see your code now, much cleaner and simpler, thanks
4 years ago
ok I figured out a couple of things wrong,

I changed the boolean "isInt"  back to false after each input
and I also did not have a user prompt asking for the grades 2-9

so I changed my code to this

What do you mean by code redundancy?  I am very new to programming; do you mean I could shorten my code and clean it up?

Thank you for reply

4 years ago
Hello my name is matthew and I am new to java,

I followed a simple tutorial for working out the average of 10 numbers.

here is the original code

which works

i then modified to the code to change the first and last user prompt, so it says "enter first number" for the first and "enter last number" for the last,

This also works.

Then I modified the code to validate the user input to check if integer,

The validation works for the first integer, but it does not work for the other 9 grade inputs(if that makes sense)

any help would be very much appreciated.


4 years ago