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Hey Norbert,

schade, das zu hören, zumal es eigentlich hätte klappen können. Bin nur wenig jünger, merke aber auch mein Alter. Habe in diesem Monat die OCPJP 8 gemacht, was aber nicht so das Problem war. Die Zeit war mir aber auch im Nacken. Früher waren es weniger Fragen und wie ich vor ein paar Tagen schrieb, waren die letzten Fragen leichter. Allerdings bereite ich mich (bisher 3x) soweit darauf vor, dass ich mindestens die 90% anstrebe. Zweimal habe ich den Wert auch geschafft.
Habe ich Dich richtig verstanden, dass Du OCAJP 8 statt OCPJP 8 gemacht hast? Warum nicht den OCPJP 8?

I am sorry, to read you text, although you could have passed the text without the interruption. I am only a few years younger than you, but I feel it. This month I passed the OCPJP 8, which was no Problem. But the limited time looked like a problem from the beginning. In earlier tests there were less questions. Like I wrote some days ago were the last questions of the tests easier than in the beginning or in the middle.
My preparation for the tests were allways (3x) so good, that I wanted to reach at least 90 %. In two test I did so.
Did I understand you right, that you wanted to pass the OCAJP 8 instead of the OCPJP 8? Why didn't you do the OCPJP 8?
3 years ago
I did it in about 2 years ago. The most important is to know exactly about the new features. It is not enough to 'be able to use parts of it', no, you need the knowledge very exact.

So I bought the book from "S G Ganesh and Tushar Sharma" and read it, marking some points, where I have to get the content by own experiances.

Make your own flash-cards. That is the best way for me. I have made more than 700 and bought about 100. These 100 flash-cards were close to the questions of the test.

The poor of the OCPJP7-test is, that several questions are not so clear to learn. You are asked in a way, as if the questions are for politicans, not for programmers (I know, the reality is not as hard).

And you have to try programming with the new features, that is very important. While doing so, you will find new questions for the flashcards. Good luck

Passed the 1Z0-810 in December 2016 with a good score.

At first I asked Mikalai Zaikin for his material (I paid for, price was fair). I copied the questions from the quiz to a word-document. 104 questions = 208 pages. All are numbered. It took me about 10 minutes per flash-card for formatting.
Then I transformed the document to PDF and afterwards I printed in groups of four (2x2) odd pages (only the questions) onto one sheet. After that the even pages (the corresponding answers) horizontal reversed were printed on the back of the sheets. After cutting I had 104 flash-cards for the time during may way to/from work in public transport. That was the main part for learning.

Next I took the description from Mikalai Zaikin and made my own flashcards, but only points to remember like API-calls and things to divide up. Here I have written 213 ones.

After having learnt by the flash-cards I did some practice for special questions and get the feeling for it. I did not sit a lot at the computer.

The test by itself: the questions were very mixed, not one theme first, followed by the next. You need to now some APIs calls like Map.compute() or LocalDateTime.isAfter().

You should look for, that static methods can only call other static methods. Be carefully looking for the arguments in the calls, like in Files.walk(.). Next you have to look, that in most situations you cannot add calls after terminal operations of stream, but with exceptions. There were more questions about interfaces and the Date/Time-API than expected.

The maximum time is 150 minutes. I marked questions, I had to review, about 15 of 81.
It took me 106 minutes for answering all the questions.. After a review of the difficult questions and a further quick review of all questions I had quarter an hour left. The difficulty and the length of the questions is very different. The last ones were easier and shorter.

If the multiple-choice asks for more than one answer, the test-programme will inform you.

Time from start to test: 9 - 10 weeks

Thanks to Mikalai Zaikin, which reduced my preparation time enormously.