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Recent posts by Mark Richardson

So, I'm pretty proud that I intuitively came up with this sorting algorithm, but what type of algorithm is this exactly?

1 month ago
I have a list which is populating values from the DB, and I want these values to become the headers of the columns within my dataTable, dynamically. How do I achieve this?

1 month ago
I keep hearing about how this will be terrible for the open-source community, and how people will "move away" from Java to Kotlin when creating Android Apps.. and then there's OpenJDK somewhere... I'm a Jr. Java developer and all of this is very abstract sounding to me. Can someone explain to me in plain and simple terms as to how the future of a Java developer is impacted, if at all?
2 months ago
I started on implementing what is a very trivial sorting algorithm. It's supposed to take numbers, and it's supposed to sort those digits from smallest to greatest.
Unfortunately, I've run into an error which I can't seem to decipher.  As you can see in my code below, my algorithm takes a String: "654321."
I turn this String to a Char Array.... In my for loop, I compare the [0] index of against the next one. This is where the error occurs!

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 6
at algorithms.sorting.Sorting.selectionSort(

Also, out of curiosity... what type of algorithm have I tried to implement? Is this a "selection sort?" I haven't studied bubble, bucket, insertion, heap, etc. formally... but I imagine this falls under one of these categories?

My Main/Launcher Class:

My class containing the method to my "algorithm":

2 months ago
Awesome! Thank you for the great tips, guys
3 months ago
Taking the immutability of strings into consideration, I wrote the following method. This method takes a String ("Happy" in this case,) looks for the letter "a" and replaces it with the letter "i."
However, my code simply removes "a" and the console output says "Hppy" instead of "Hippy." What am I doing incorrectly?

My method containing class:

My "launcher" class:

3 months ago

Tim Moores wrote:Not sure about that particular space, but could the app not use the space provided to any Google user on Google Drive?

Definitely. Is that possible? I will be storing audio files. If that's possible.. where would one begin? What API does Google Drive provide for a 3rd party app to start storing stuff there?
3 months ago

  How do I find it on my tablet?

Unfortunately, the functionality to upload audio files is not provided in Google's Play app on your Android device. Unless someone codes it, I guess...
3 months ago

Norm Radder wrote:

  the free space that Google Play Music provides you

Where is that?
How do I find it on my tablet?

If you navigate to:

Click on the hamburger/menu botton and you'll see the "Upload music" link - You can either upload your songs here...


you can download a PC based executable which they call the Google Music Manager found here:

My question is.... is there a way to make an Android app utilize the web-portal somehow to upload your music.. and then access it as needed?
3 months ago
I intend to create an app which will use the free space that Google Play Music provides you to store audio files. Is this possible? If so, how would one go about designing this functionality?
3 months ago

Daniel Demesmaecker wrote:

  • Agile-Scrum
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • ...

  • Cool! and what sub-topics fall under CI and CD within the Java context? (As in, actual implementations)

    3 months ago
    Often as a Java Developer, the question comes up during the interview: "As a Java developer, what is your experience with DevOps?"

    A few technologies come to mind... namely Maven, Jenkins, and Git. What types of technologies and scenarios are these interviewers looking for?

    What are some desirable (tried and tested) or up and coming technologies that are worth knowing/brushing up on to be able to better answer this question?

    3 months ago
    I'm very new to the topic of penetration testing, and I was curious: Is it possible to create a viable C2 server in Java? Or is this something best created in a language such as C?
    I guess it being in C makes it more lightweight? (i.e. the JRE wouldn't need to be packaged in the executable)

    Ultimately, the C2 Server ultimately needs to be stealthy / undetectable.

    What are some pros and cons?

    4 months ago

    Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Thick UIs

    Hi Jeanne,

    I haven't been exposed to this "thick/thin" terminology. I am assuming that a "thick" client/UI is basically a pc-based client/UI, whereas a thin-client is web-based? However, I have come across the Oracle JDBC "Thin" driver. Never understood what that means, exactly - perhaps someone can elaborate
    5 months ago