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Recent posts by Sayan Pal

I am trying my hand on Neo4j + Hibernate OGM. I started with this tutorial. Starting from there I am now able to create and update entities, and also run some custom queries using JP-QL queries: 1, 2.

Using Neo4j Community Edition 3.1.0 for Windows 64 bit, selecting the data directory of my embedded database, and navigating to the web view, I am able to view the data successfully.

However, after that, I faced the following problems while running my Java application.

  • When I tried to run the application, at the same time the Neo4j Community Edition server is also running, I faced the following problem:

    org.neo4j.kernel.StoreLockException: Store and its lock file has been locked by another process: target\test_data_dir\store_lock. Please ensure no other process is using this database, and that the directory is writable (required even for read-only access)

    This error seems to be quite self explanatory, which might be resolved by stopping the server. My question is, is there any tool/configuration, which let me do both at the same time; i.e. run the application, and view the data in server.

  • Another major error that I faced after stopping the server and running the application again, is the below one.

    org.neo4j.kernel.impl.storemigration.StoreUpgrader$UnexpectedUpgradingStoreVersionException: 'G:\Workspace\Java\Neo4jTest\target\test_data_dir\neostore.nodestore.db' has a store version number that we cannot upgrade from. Expected 'v0.A.3' but file is version '

    If I delete the database and start application (from scratch) again, then everything is okay till I start the server. How this can be resolved?

  • Additional Info:

    My Maven dependencies:

    My persitence.xml:



    P.S. I have also posted this question in StackOverflow, but without any luck so far.
    1 year ago