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This is the order I am doing my project. Hope this helps to everyone.
1. Data Conversion Tool
2. Depricated Methods
3. findCriteria()
4. Create a Data Interface
5. Create the Implementation of Interface
6. RMI server
7. RMI client
You don't even need to think about FBN until this point. This would keep you on course for your versatility.... Up until the GUI all your code should be generic, It should'nt matter what DB your running. Any db specific code should be kept out of the proj until you've reached your GUI, even then your GUI could be dynamically created based on another class which evaluates the db.
8. GUI
9. Java Doc
10. Documentation
Hope this help!!!
Hi Kourosh,
Two months back I have downloaded the assignment and still working on it. I won't say it is easy but at the same time it is not impossible. You don't need to work in java. Currently I don't have java job and also many people I heard that just reading related to assignment you can finish the project. You need to design a client server technology using either RMI or through sockets. If you are really interested in java and planning to take developers exam don't need to wait. You can pay the amount of _____ then you will get your assignment. By reading the requirement of your assignment you will get some idea about what is going on in this thread and also from other egroups. Database is a text file. Don't need to know JDBC.
All the best.
Hi Lionel,
Thanks for the useful links and appreciate it.
I too passed the beta exam. Still waiting for the certificate. Did anyone got certificate pls. let everyone know.
No. I won't suggest buying a book only for one section. If possible go and read it in the shop itself. That is more than enough.
Sorry for my late reply.
Yeah it make sense. But still I am thinking is there any way to implement that the latest changes to update all the clients. Right now I don't have any plan in my mind.
Do you need client Id for anything? How did you get the client ID? For what are you using this client ID. Are you using Vector or Hashtable
Write me something about your local mode. What's your plan for deploying the classes.
This weekend only I am planning to work on lock/unlock logic. Will let you know by monday.
Thanks for sharing your idea.
So do you say that client1 and client2 got the same record to read and after that client2 decides to reserve seat. Client2 will modify the data but still client1 got the same old information. Is this OK??
Hi Singh,
This link will give you some usefull links for preparation.
I feel that developer exam is not something like studying one or two books and passing the exam. Its really practical orianted. So far I bought two books for reference. My opinion is not to spend more money for the books. I guess you might be having RHE book. Read the developer's section. I heard that new edition of RHE is better.
Core java Volume I & II.
Lot of free stuffs available in Net. If we make use of it that itself enough.
It's my pleasure to help you. I got l..o..t of help from you when I was preparing for programmers exam.
I don't know how to prioritize. B'cas its all depends on how you are planning to design.
- threads, (syncronized, wait , notify)
- RMI (basics, passing parameters, deploying the class files)
- sockets (yet to study)
- serialization (Basic idea)
- collections (Read about important classes)
- streams (For coding mostly we don't need much. Basic idea)
- javadoc (Try to use most of the functions. Really interesting. . )
- Swing ( JFrame, JTable, JComboBoxes,JButtons,JTextField )
If you want to implements the project in best design you need to study a lot. Its all just my opinion.
Welcome to the board!!!
You need to be familiary in either RMI or Network sockets its your choice. But for the exam you need to have some knowledge in both. So you have to be familiar in both.
- threads,
- sockets
- serialization
- collections
- streams
- javadoc
- Swing
These are the unofficial topics for the assignment as well as for the exam.
All the best.
As long as you have confident of your changes I don't think sun will have any problem. Don't forget to document your choice.
What's your Design??
Yeah I too accept with scott. Try to implement as much as possible tob e generic.
Hi ST,
By reading old mails from the Dalls e-group I am thinking that what you are saying is correct. Can you please tell me how will it be possible if I deploy the class files into different directories like server files in server directory and client files in client directory then the program won't be able to use the Data class.
In the mean time I am also going to read more. If I get anything I will update hear.
Thanks so much,
Hi Ying Xing,
Thanks for your wishes.
What kind of extra information are you looking for? If you post your question we can try to answer.
Hi Ajith,
Nice to see you in Developers form. Currently I have only three links.
FAQ link:
Developer e-group:
Dallas e-group:

I am also new for SCJD and recently downloaded the assignment. Just overall idea about SCJD:
1. You need to pay for the assignment $250 (US doller)
2. After a week or something you can download the assignment.
3. After completion of the assignment you will submit it and then have to take exam by paying another 150$.
4. After one month you will get result of both.
The assignment what I got is, there is already a working system which will be having all the classes and method. You need to understand the existing system and need to implement the same as client-server system either by using RMI or Network sockets. Its your choice.
Basically you need to be good in network, threads and GUI.

FAQ link:
Developer group:

All the best.