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Recent posts by Arun Singh Raaj

In case of First level and second level cache in Hibernate, how do users fetch the updated data despite having cache? Does modification on data reflect in cache everytime?

1 week ago
true, the "segments" are eliminated in Java 8.
2 weeks ago
We know that HashMap object has 16 buckets initially.
but ConcurrentHashMap has "segment" concept and a newly created object has 16 segments and each segment has a complete hashmap object.
does it mean a ConcurrentHashMap object has total of 16x16=256 buckets?

2 weeks ago
omg, such a simple question you made it so ugly.

it compiles very well.

I was hoping answer regarding separate copies of final variables.

What is a “non-initialized final variable”? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

A blank final variable :

Yes and no. Only local variables are created on the thread's stack, so there is no such thing as separate copies of fields.

If multiple users means multiple threads are accessing this variable concurrently and don't have separate copies of this variable then how would they assign their own values to this variable?
Is final variable thread safe? Do different threads have separate copy of final variable?

If HashMap work on hashing technique then how do other maps work internally?
3 weeks ago
"real-time" word is probably given by indian tutors, it refers the real-project(application), so he expects you to answer in context of a real-project unlike you provide examples of 'Animal-dog' classes. Like if questioner is asking about real-time usage of inner class, he means to ask what scenario of a real project would you decide to use inner classes in.
Like if someone asks you to provide real time usage of multithreading, you could answer that you create a new thread to download the file in an app,  
1 month ago
I just have a little idea about it that the task is distributed among the "workers" and they help balancing the load of the task.
Since I'm a beginner, could you just tell me about workers, are they piece of software, library, hardware. Are they separate from an app? Are they add-on to a web app? Why are they exactly used for? How would you add a worker in your app?

Thanks in advance.
5 months ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:Don't store passwords in cookies.

While developing an application, if I don't write any code of Cookies, will browser never save any data of my web app in Cookies?
6 months ago
Once I develop a web app, who decides what data can and cannot be stored in cookies?
How can one make sure that passwords will not be stored in cookies?

6 months ago
What is the equivalent of precompiled queries or PreparedStatement in Hibernate and Spring-Data?

I mean usually what I've seen so far that all the requests come to the Controller and controller passes them to the Service layer.

Thanks in advance.
6 months ago
I was reading something else but came across this picture, it is an architecture of Java based web application.
According to this picture and explanation, Ajax call does talk to the Service Layer directly, not Controller. I have been confused about it.
Do developers design their applications this way?
6 months ago
When you need to send SMS to the client, how would you add them to the queue?