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Recent posts by Viktor Logwin

Congratulations Silvia!  

So I assume, there was no problem, that you did it in your native language?
I make my certifications because I want to learn more / something new, not because I just want to have a PDF file with a nice red Oracle logo on it.

EnthuWare covers all the exam topics and if it even has some more information in its questions, even if they would not appear in my real exam questions set (which is 80 random questions of... 2000 maybe), I learn something new with it and I'm grateful.

It's a question of motivation. If I'm frustrated sometimes, it's not because a software is bad or a book is bad - it's because I have forgotten, why am I doing this. Please think about.

I have used three mock exam software products, including EnthuWare and I can tell you, that the EnthuWare is the best of them. Because its interface and questions are really close to the real exam. The questions are tougher, but the design and the coverage of the exam topics are at least the same.
Update: Have received a promoted free copy of the software on 15. Apr.

They provide an e-mail with instructions to login on their site, using your e-mail address and the password, sent in the e-mail. On the login page you have a choice between two products - OCA and OCP. I have chosen OCP.
So I have access now. But not really want to test the software. It takes time and I haven't even finished the Study Guide yet, so It has to wait until I took the exam. For my exam preparation I gonna use EnthuWare. I can't rely on javamockexams in such important things.
This post was originally created during the promotion phase. And David hasn't responded in this thread. For me it is a sign of ignorance. I would never purchase this software.
I have also won a free copy of the software during the promotion here. But since then I haven't received anything from
They have a money back guarantee. You could try to make use of it, if they will reply at all. If not... don't know, if there is an entity, where one could complain.

I can only advice to purchase a licence from EnthuWare , because I'm sure about their support and quality. Tested myself and by many users here on the Ranch.
Hi John,

the process is the same in every country. You go to the Pearson VUE website
Log in or create an account, click on Proctored Exams, type "Java SE" in the Find an Exam field and klick "Go". Then choose the right exam version and follow the instructions. You'll be given a list of the test centers near your position. You can call, using the phone numbers, you see and ask them about the conditions like how much people are in the same room, does they have a locked drawer for your things and so on. Then you choose the test center and will have a list of time points. You choose a time point and register for the exam, using your exam voucher code.
Your book doesn't need a promotion. It's like a new iPhone coming out  
I don't gonna take part in the promotion, because I already have the book, but I would like to thank you, Jeanne and Scott, for your work and your engagement in helping people to prepare themselves for certification and to learn Java.
You're great!  

Please, don't stop, keep creating new books about further topics like Spring/Java EE/Design Patterns...  
The default implementation is called only if a class, implementing an interface, doesn't provide any implementation. In this case, the reference variable nocturnal points to an Owl object. And calling isBlind() calls the overridden method on this object.

Hello Viktor,

I want to inform you that this title is now available in our newer Safari product here and our original Safari Books Online product here.


Kylie Johnston  |  Manager of Content Partnerships and Acquisitions
O'Reilly Media, Inc.  |  707.827.4967 |

Hi, Mathias!
Nice to see you here And congratulations to your OCA and OCP!
I'm on OCP now. I think, I wouldn't do the OCM. I think, Oracle doesn't offer the SE 8 version of it, because it is rarely taken

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Wrapper classes are covered on pages 134-136 of the book.

Oh no, pages   have no page numbers in safaribooks. Could you please write, what (sub)chapter contains it?
P.P.S. have created a request in safaribooks. Not sure if they will add the book just because I've asked them  
Wow, good news, thanks!

Oh, and there is a new version of Sybex where the tests can be used as a web interface
Old Sybex:
New Sybex:
A new Sybex account needed. Doesn't work with my existing user.

P.S. I hope, that safaribooks will add the book to their library soon.
I think, it is generally a good idea to learn topics from both the Study Guide and the Enthuware. It seems to be a 100% coverage of all possible exam questions.
For example, OCA topics, concerning wrapper classes are not in the OCA Study Guide (at least the safaribooks version), but you can learn about them from Enthuware mock exams. And they really are in the OCA.
It is difficult to make fast updates to the book. But it goes much faster to write a mock exam question to cover a new topic. And Enthuware is very responsive to changes.
Hi Eric,

please don't be confused. There is a difference between a += and =+
The first one is an assignment operator:

The second example means, as Henry says, two operators. An assignment operator = and an unary operator +.
You can rewrite it like this:

so you can omit the + sign and write

The second example makes more sense if you need to write

So you negate the 10 first and assign the result to a;