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Naomi Ceder wrote:That's an interesting question. I'd also admit that my book doesn't really focus on web development.

What I would say is that with all of the resources out there it can be tough to know what's quality. The Quick Python Book has been well reviewed from the beginning and in much the same form since the 2nd edition. So there's that testimony that it's a good resource.

The other thing is that it while it covers pretty much all of Python, it focuses on what you need to know as a developer, and has always gotten good reviews for that focus.

So I know there is a lot of stuff out there, but I think the Quick Python Book has sort of stood the test of time as being a quality resource that covers a lot of ground, while still keeping focus on what a developer needs. :-)

Thank you for your reply. I understand your point of view.
4 years ago
Hello Naomi,

I am coder for long time & know basic python. Python is very popular at the moment with ton of free material & paid video courses online. How does your book help web developers who wants to learn & use python for web development? I understand your book is not about python frameworks.

4 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:Alternatively, you can take the upgrade exam. Exam 813 takes you from any old version of Java (other than Java 7) straight to OCP 8.

That costs only $250 since it is one exam.

Thanks for the valuable info. Now it makes sense to give one exam and get Oracle Java 8 certification.
My finding (correct please if I am wrong)

[1] Ignore I have SCJP and go for Java SE 8 Programmer I 1Z0-808 ($245)

[2] after that you are good to take Java SE 8 Programmer II 1Z0-809 ($245)

My aim is to get 1Z0-809.

[1] Use SCJP for an upgrade

[2] Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer (retiring Dec 31, 2018) 1Z0-805 ($245)

Now I am stuck with SE 7 certification (no meaning for me)

[3] Using 1Z0-805 go for Java SE 8 Programmer II 1Z0-809 ($245)

At the moment looking at $500 to get 1Z0-809..worth it
I am trying to figure out which oracle certification to take since I have old scjp.

Oracle upgrade path for scjp

It seems you go for Java SE 7 certification (which expire in December 2018) and go for Java 8 SE I 1Z0-808 certification and last one Java 8 SE II 1Z0-809

wow three certification if you have SCJP... please someone confirm
I think Oracle should have upgrade topics and we can scan them in your book. It will be super helpful if the author put upgrade sign against topic or chapter.
Thanks, Bert, good know I don't have to read all chapters (good incentive -
I have sun microsystem certification. Will your book useful for upgrade exam? I haven't looked upon Oracle site for details.

I loved your book for my first java certification and love to do it again (feel the urge)
Google is using Dart internally for sometime. Now they are coming out with AngularDart 2.0 and Flutter (mobile framework similar to react native).

It is pretty obvious Flutter use Dart. They are introducing write one base code for web & mobile using AngularDart & Flutter.

Google converted Adsense (money making app) from GWT to Dart.  TypeScript or Dart transpile to javascript, so that says lot of about react native.

If you like javascript react (web) & react native (mobile) are ahead in the game for sure.
4 years ago
If you want to stay in JS world react native is good choice with some issues. reactjs license can become problem but I will keep that aside for now.

[url=]An iOS Dev’s Experience with React Native

You can build an application for JVM, android, native & browser. I believe JVM & android got better head start considering JS & native. I can code in JS (not expert level) but kotlin as a language is far superior.

At the moment, reactive native is ahead of kotlin on the mobile platform. I wish kotlin can add IOS to seal the deal.

Out of all modern languages I like kotlin.
4 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:

kavin savvy wrote:If they can come up with kotlin to JS framework and make kotlin as one language for web development will be great. At the moment, Angular & react are dominating on frontend space.

This seems to indicate that Angular and React are alternative languages such as Kotlin that one can choose to use on the web (or anywhere else). In fact, React and Angular are both JavaScript frameworks, not languages -- anymore than Spring is an alternative "language" to Java.

While both React and Angular can be used with ES5 (the current version of JavaScript widely supported by currently employed browsers), they are more often written in ES6 (React) and TypeScript (Angular) and transpiled to ES5.

I'm sure someone could come with a Kotlin transpiler in order to be able to use it on the web, but there would need to be big incentive for people to use it -- like some killer new framework. Just the availability of the language wouldn't be enough enticement. TypeScript would be unheard of without Angular pulling it along.

Exactly... I am going through a lot of pain of coding typescript with angular 2. UI libraries are half-baked, i.e. one lib don't have a particular component you are looking for and vice versa.  

React is another pain with a weird way of JSX (god help me)..

My true love for front end was Adobe Flex (take out runtime flash). You can write all three forms of application with one code base (limitation on mobile side) is dead.

Kotlin code can be converted to JS (older version), but as you said killer framework can move the needle towards kotlin as one language for web & mobile. Right now, JS provides such eco system but using so many third party libraries makes a development night-mare. Furthermore, consider Angular 2 is releasing new version every month (minor but still need to update them to stay current)

My main frustration is with one language dominating on front-end, i.e. JS or typescript for angular 2. I want to be full stack and can't afford to remain back end only (employment point of view) and love for making UI (minus styling part)
4 years ago

Tim Moores wrote:I don't think the open source nature of it makes any difference at this point. Client-side Java is dead in general, irrespective of the framework it runs. Security concerns of the JVM have finished it off. Some companies may continue to use it internally on carefully controlled and updated machines, but not for anything that's meant for the general public.

I don't like angular 2 or React for developing front end web application or website.

Do I have any choice in Java echo system? Answer is resounding NO...JSP or JavaFX almost on last leg...

Java is now backend language.
4 years ago
I feel the same, i.e. no more java coding. In fact, I was moving away from Java to JS echo system, but kotlin is game changer.

If they can come up with kotlin to JS framework and make kotlin as one language for web development will be great. At the moment, Angular & react are dominating on frontend space.
4 years ago

I was looking at the table of content and following sections grab my attention.

Section 4 - GUI programming  - JavaFX & Swing - I thought swing was not very popular on the front end side and same with JavaFX. Do you have any compelling reasons to include them? At the moment, Angular/React/Vue.js framework dominates front end development, and Java is mostly back end development.

Section 5 - database programming - I believe jdbc programming is covered by many books & ton of online material. Do you provide any new info for experienced developers on JDBC?

I am not sure Java 9 will include Jigsaw and toc don't indicate either.

4 years ago