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Recent posts by joan frances fisher

Hang in there, Al!! Believe it or not the real world will be relatively relaxing!! Best of luck well actually skill.. peppered with a teaspoon of luck!!)on your tests!
I patiently await your reply!
Thanx Al!! Just need a bit more clarification..
This is probably a naive question but Does the "none" in this code snippet indicate that the background color is not to be printed or equivalently set to white?
I do want the screen itself to be printed...just not the background color so as to conserve toner
Also...would you happen to know whether or not this programmatic setting will override the browser level setting that can be manually set from the tools/internet options/advanced tab/printing/"print background colors and images"?
Unfortunately I cannot ask the end user to go out to the browser and manually set this. I must accomplish everything programmatically.
I REALLY appreciate your help!!!
Hello! Another day another quandry...
Would anyone know if it is possible from Javascript to programmatically set the value of an Internet Explorer setting -- /internet options... /advanced... /Printing /"Print background colors and Images" ?
I want to be able to disable the printing of the background color before the user opts to print the content of a screen...this will conserve toner and the time it takes to print....
Thank you!!!
Hello Its Joan Again...Sorry I was so vague...
What I am trying to accomplish exactly is for the user of my intranet application to be able to click on a button that will invoke the javascript
NewMail object and to somehow (I know not how)
have the body attribute of this email message automatically set to the contents of the current screen (where the button was located). My average user is far from computer/web savvy and wouldn't be willing or able to cut or paste into the body field of the NewMail object...
Hope that is more clear....This may be a pipe dream...but it is worth asking!!
Hello! Is there a javascript wizard out there who can advise me how to capture the contents of a screen and include it as the body of an email to a specified email address?
Thanx much!!
Joan Fisher