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Recent posts by Swathi Vishwanath

Hello CodeRanch,

Thank you very much CodeRanch. I passed OCA JAVA SE 7 exam on May 17th. I got 70% I am happy with my score.

These are the two books I referred.
1) OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Certification Guide_Mala Gupta_1Z0-803
2) OCAOCP Java SE 7 Programmer I - II Study Guide (Exams 1Z0-803 - 1Z0-804)
Both are very good books. Thanks to CodeRanch for referring those books.

These are some of the mock exams that I took during my preparation.
1) Whizlab - take during preparation time.
2) Sybex - take during preparation time.
3) MyExamCloud - take during preparation time.
4) Enthuware - take week or two before exams.

Enthuware mock exams are tough. If you fail in enthuware mocks exams, don't worry. Just review those questions again and try to understand the concept. Definitely you can pass the exam. Real exam is much easier than Enthuware.

Lastly, to be honest I haven't practiced much java programs during my preparation. I have practiced only few programs from the above books if some of concepts are hard to understand.

So, don't worry if you haven't worked on Java before. You can make it. GOOD LUCK!! :-)  
4 years ago