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Recent posts by Alberto Ibarra

Hi, congrats!!!

I'm going to take the same exam later this month.
Witch book do you recommend? is the course provided by oracle worth it?

Hello, I would suggest looking in the managment console under Runtime/../Datasources for your desired DS. You can test if the connection is working also.

In my experience what I did was to try mentally (or write) debug the code written line by line.

1) You should be aware of variable scopes, be careful with static ones. Be careful about shadowing.
2) Check for final variables, and if those are properly initialized or get modified after initialition.
3) These questions I found were usually about lambdas or streams so it's very helpful to try and make a graphical representation of the pipline for example. Be aware of laziness.

Sorry for my English-

Paul Anilprem wrote:

So now, there are a few things that you missed -

2. non-static method cannot access static variable of the class directly.


Hi, I'm not sure I followed that point.
You can in fact access any static members of a class inside an instance method.

You cannot do the other way, I mean, you cannot access instance methods or fields of "this" in a static context.


I also think that questions about Thread/Concurrency are the longer in time to process so I did them at review phase. I also left out the NIO questions.
After that, I could complete all other questions in 80 minutos or so. Just focus on the ones that are about lambdas or streams that's my advice.