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Recent posts by Carlos Paclaon, Jr.

Can JSP be developed so as to use existing applets? Example, I have several applets designed for tutorials, can I use JSP to manage all the tutorials but still using the existing applets?
14 years ago
I would like to ask if you have any special package for the academe. We really want our students to finish college with certifications or at least prepared to take it. I'm currently facilitating students to take SCJ2P. But I think its better if they are prepared for the SCWCD.
Can anyone cite some websites that offer good tutorials for new people in XML using Java?
I have passed the SCJP just recently.
I am preparing for another cert.
Either SCJD or SCWCD.
I worked hard for my SCJP, and I'm proud of it.
Hope I will say the same thing when I get my SCWCD in the future.
But just a back-up, I'm nearly finishing my master's degree in Computer Science.
I think cert and education level is as much as good as experience.
15 years ago