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Hello Liutauras,
Thank you for your replay. Of course you are absolutelly right in the case where two candidates considered equal. And I definitelly can‘t argue that when you are learning for a certificate it makes you to know a lot of stuff, so here‘s big plus. But other things you mentioned „code readability, ease of maintenance, flexibility for extension, overall design“ comes with experience doing your job, I think. In my opinion the biggest plus of the certificate to show to yourself and to employer the endeavour you make. To learn and to pass takes time more or less, to me it took a while .
Personally, I don‘t know if I ever work as a programmer, just like to reach goals I set to myself. Anyway, good to hear an opinion from the professionals .
Hello Laurynas Robotas,

Congrats with your pass! Last week I, eventually, also passed OCP So, say, you are from Lithuania, right? Are you working as a developer? Curious to know whether these certificates does some kind of impact for employers..
Hello ranchers,
Wanted to ask you, maybe you have had similar issue with eclipse.  Yesterday I was working with spring project on eclipse and weird thing happed,  the option Run As (right click -> run as) haven‘t any choises (like run java application or on server etc). Button on the toolbar was unactive too (tried with different projects). Eclipse keep throwing  „Problem ocured An internal error occured during: „Compute launch button tooltip““. I done some searching on the web and some user say it‘s a bug but year of the posts were quite old, can‘t believe that they did not fixed that.
So, now I had to reinstal (well to download) eclipse, anoing part is configuration for tomcat, spring etc.
By the way it happent to newest version Oxygen 2 EE.
Somebody knows something?  
1 year ago
Hi everyone,

I'm electronic engineer from Lithuania. Last Friday I passed OCA 1Z0-808 with 71%. Not very glad with the result, but happy as hell So, I'm 29 years old and hope you won't say that it is too late to learn programming It took me 5 months of learning and before that I was absolute zero in any programming language so I started from scratch. I think I won't say anything new about preparation, I started with the book "Head first java", then of course OCA Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide Exam 1Z0-808 by  Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikof (special thanks, very good book), I have read it a lot of times and finally Ethuware  tests (it's definitely worth to buy).
I think next step would be learning a bit about android programming would be cool to build an app and of course OCP preparation. So, thank you all (I was reading success stories and preparation methods at coderanch) never give up, do not loose your patience while learning and good luck!