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Recent posts by Shilpa Bhargava

Hi There,

I have a parent site and a child site both hosted on different servers and both have different session timeouts !User navigates from parent to child...

The problem is when the user is browsing on the child site, how can a timeout of the parent site be avoided ??

No Javascript !

Please help !!
19 years ago
How to convert a date in Julian format to the standard Gregorian format ?
Pls help :roll:
20 years ago
Hi ,
I want to use JAVA Mail with Lotus Domino , which cannot be made SMTP enabled for some reasons.
Is there any other way through which we can still use JAVA mail
Thanks !!
21 years ago
Hey nobody for this Q ???
I have a thread which counts from say 1 to 1 million and it takes 60 seconds to do so.
If i use four threads to do the same task , will the time be less or be the same ? According to me it should be the same since they are sharing the same CPU.
Now if I use four threads on four different CPUs, should the time reduce to 15 secs ? since all thread will run together (in the real sense, no sharing of CPU)
Can ne one please explain !!
Hey Folks at JAVA Ranch,
How do u decide on members being a greenhorn or a ranch hand..or for that matter anything else ??
21 years ago
Thanks Jose,Thanks Dan !
So does this mean that NaN can be taken as an exceptional case wherein the even if the bit representation is not same, the equals method will still return true ???

Originally posted by Dan Chisholm:
The Double.equals method then tests the equality of the bit representations of the values. The equals method will return true if the bit representations are the same even if the bit layout represents NaN.

Thanks Dan,
Since NaN will never be equal to itself, why are their bit representation same ??
Can you please explain a little further..
[ November 19, 2002: Message edited by: Shilpa Bhargava ]
The following code will print
1: Double a = new Double(Double.NaN);
2: Double b = new Double(Double.NaN);
4: if( Double.NaN == Double.NaN )
5: System.out.println("True");
6: else
7: System.out.println("False");
9: if( a.equals(b) )
10: System.out.println("True");
11: else
12: System.out.println("False");
A) True
B) True
C) False
D) False
Surprisingly the asnwer is C when it should have been the reverse.
Can ne one pls explain

Hi Guys,
I found this Q on
In the following code, which is the earliest statement, where the object originally held in e, may be garbage collected:

1.public class Test {
2.public static void main (String args []) {
3.Employee e = new Employee("Bob", 48);
6.e = null;
7.e = new Employee("Denise", 36);

Options are
a.Line 7
b.Line 8
c.Line 10
d.Line 11
I think the answer is 6 !! but the one mentioned is 7 !!
Please help
Can anyone please guide me to a good swing tutorial WITH EXAMPLES.The sun's tutorial is all too confusing !!
Thanks !
21 years ago ....
proxy cannot resolve !!
21 years ago

Originally posted by <Eastern Boy>:

Impressions... & that too for a lady .No need for them. I prefer the way i am and to be honest i do make good impressions when i act natural .

O La la ...look at that ....who is talking!!
21 years ago
Did ne one try out the new beta test ??
When I try to do so, I get a class not found exception......
21 years ago