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Recent posts by D Anthony

Hi guys,

I have the below CTE that I'm using to check for nulls across multiple columns within a DB (Hue/Hive env.)  but this is very manual so I would like something more efficient that would allow me (as in SQL server to use sys.tables) to check for nulls across all DBs, hope this makes sense.

Many thanks.
3 weeks ago
Hello guys!

I'm currently writing my dissertation for my MS program and my topic is based on a comparative study of Hadoop and Azure for handling big data in the cloud environment. I have prepared a survey and was wondering if you would be so kind to take a few minutes and provide your ratings for each component in the survey. Between a score of 1 and 10; with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

Your help is much appriciated, much obliged!


Many thanks in advance!
1 year ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:You might be looking for Java AI and machine learning libraries

Thank you, yes i have found Weka and Deeplearning4 since my last post. These looks good.
2 years ago
I'm looking to start learning machine learning algorithm using Java but would like to know what would be the best Java platform for this. For example is there a Net-beans or eclipse plugin for this? Hope this makes sense.
2 years ago
Hi guys, what would you recommend as the best Java IDE for machine learning Algorithm?

many thanks for your  feedback.
2 years ago
Thank you agin for the useful feedback and your time and effort. Much appriciated.

Junilu Lacar wrote:One more thing. You may or may not have done this intentionally but notice how your Patron class is kind of the central hub for your diagram. This tells me that you probably see a Patron is a key entity in your system design. I would argue otherwise. If this is a Library Reservation system, the key entities are more likely to be things like Title, Item, and Reservation. Everything this system does revolves mainly around these classes. Just because a real-world patron is a key user of your system, that doesn't mean the software representation of a patron is central to your system's design.

Yes, i intentionally modeled this to show the patron as the central hub in the diagram as i believe that without a patron then what is the point of a library, the items, reservation, librarian etc cannot therefore exist without patron.
Thank you again for the clear explanation around class diagram and modelling, as you can tell i'm a novice at modelling and you are right my thought process is around 'process and data flow', as migration analyst is my day job i deal with a lot of packages, staging areas and data flow etc. I seems to misunderstand the purpose of a class diagram. Based am are you feedback i will continue to improve the diagram until i get it right. Thanks again.
Please see the modified version and please let me know your thoughts based off your last comments. Thanks
Thank you for the break down feedback. This is very spot on and you have share some very useful insight that helps me see the flaws in my design. Yes, you are very correct, there is no need for Patron Record entity, this is redundant and yes, it is better to have a fined entity that would perform calculation and thus allow patron to view paid fine etc..

I will now take this feedback and redesign. I may repost the modified version for more feedback.

Many thanks for your help.
Yes, i get that, i meant i usaully develop from a design that is done by a system analyst whom would have gathered the requirements and model the system.
Thanks, i get the concept of designing but i would probably find it easier to code it up than to do the design. Thanks for your insight its very helpful. I will go ahead and continue to workout a good design.
Thanks, yes that was a mistake, i meant patron. Ok, so you are basically saying to use a generalization relationship and have an abstract class call 'account' then have admin and patron as x2 concrete classes?
Well, it would clarify the responsibilities of each one because these are functional requirement i thought i should also model them.
ok so i see your point, do you believe this should be a 'directed association'? since the admin can create both the patron and librarian account and the librarian can also create the patron's acc.