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Recent posts by Biniman Idugboe

I replaced "Cascade.css" with "/Cascade.css".  The code runs without error now.  Thanks to everyone who contributed comments.
7 months ago
I have recreated the project.  The folders are as shown below, but I still receive the same error message.
7 months ago

It will help a lot if someone can recommend which of the folders the non-java files (the resource files) are supposed to be in.
7 months ago


Are we expected to manually create the resources folder and then copy the resource files to it?  I have tried this approach but I still get the same error message:

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "" because the return value of "java.lang.Class.getResource(String)" is null

7 months ago

System.out.println("classpath=" + System.getProperty("java.class.path"));

<<< javafx-maven-plugin:0.0.4:run (ide-debug) < process-classes @ Login <<<
--- javafx-maven-plugin:0.0.4:run (ide-debug) @ Login ---
7 months ago
I suppose you mean the following:
7 months ago
The attached screen shot pretty much tells the story.  I am unable to resolve the matter.  I would appreciate your invaluable recommendations.
7 months ago
I see!  Thank you Sir.  I guess I will just stick with jdk14 for now.
1 year ago
I am having a weird experience.  I create a project in Netbeans 12.0 and choose JDK16 as the Java platform (I have JDK14 and JDK16 installed on my computer).
The moment I click on another project, the JDK16 project folder simply disappears from the Projects pane.  Does anybody know why this is happening?
1 year ago
Hello Stephan,
Your recommendations have been really helpful to me.  However, I cannot get around to use Maven to run the most basic JavaFX application.
I sincerely apologize for coming back more than five months after the last comment on this thread.
I would just like to humbly request that you show me screen shots of how you would typically set up a JavaFX project using Maven on Netbeans.
At the moment, I use Netbeans 12.0, JDK14 and JavaFX17-ea+6.

A note to say that anybody else can oblige me with his or her experience on this matter.

1 year ago
But it downloads and unpacks maven repository every time.  Is there no end to this?
1 year ago

Create all projects using Maven or Gradle.

With Maven, I cannot create JavaFX application if my computer is not connected to the internet.  I personally find this very restricting.
I like a situation where I can work on a project with or without connection to interface. Is it the case that the version of Maven in my
computer cannot work without internet connection? Maven version 3.6.3.
1 year ago