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Yago Segura

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Recent posts by Yago Segura

This is a question regarding 'Effective Java (3rd Edition)' . I have read 2nd Edition, and I have learned a lot . patterns, interesting topics , ... amazing book . Thanks Mr. Bloch .

What I'm afraid of is , is this 3rd edition covers again all the same points again , plus some new topics  ? , or Effective Java 2nd edition and 3rd edition cover different new topics ? . It would be a pity if I get 3rd edition, and I only have 2 or 3 new chapters .

11 months ago
Well ... maybe , but I think it would be a good idea ONLY if it's not too long , because the goal of the book ( as I can read in the title ) is to expose new features of jee 8 .  
Wow Great book . Definitely , 2nd edition changed my way of programming . Look forward to read the book . Welcome josh .
11 months ago
Hi Alex

First of all, I want to congratulate you for the book . I love the idea of just writing about the new elements added . As I have read in other replies, sometimes you buy an expensive book just to read 60% of what you already know .

On the other hand , as I'm working with jee 6 and I haven't taken yet the leap to jee 7 , is there any introductory chapter where it mentions about all the elements of jee that were discarded  ? just a soft explanation in one chapter or something similar .

Thanks , and congratulations again  
Interesting topic . Welcome to the ranch, Alex .
Jeje ... I would say ... chapters that talk about functions, but I'm not sure which one . Let's see if I finish my actual java 9 book, and I put my hands in yours  
1 year ago
Congratulations for the book . looks amazing . Does the book covers Monads too ? I haven't seen it in the index . Maybe it's included in another section .
1 year ago
Welcome Daniela Sfregola . Welcome to the Ranch
1 year ago
Thanks Marko . Nice explanation .
First of all , congratulations for the book .

I must confess I'm a complete newbie in this topic ( and in devops in general) . I would love to know the difference between Kubernetes, Docker and Chef . Maybe it represents a huge and large answer , due my lack of experience and knowledge , but I would love to have some little clues about the differences.

Thanks in advance  
Welcome to the Ranch , Marko !!
First of all, congratulations again ( as I said in welcome page )

Spring has evolved too much during his five editions , but the part I'm interested in it's spring core and spring beans . Does this fith edition bring any improvements regarding beans ? In my case it's the most used aspect of spring ( as well as spring security ) , and I'm really interesed in knowing any new features , Maybe with streams , and reactive focus, the part of spring beans has been optimized , I don't know .

Best regards, and thanks in advance
1 year ago
Welcome Guys to the ranch . The content of the book seems amazing . I'm looking forward to read it .
1 year ago
First of all , congratulations for the book, Sebastian . I consider it's a necessary topic to cover , and I'm looking forward to read it as soon as I can .

I have read amazon description of the book, and I want to know how deep it covers topics included in JEE 8 like reactive architectures and http 2 . Does it treat them in a more abstract way (architecture) and how we can add them to our projects ? or it plays with this elements in a more programming way ?

On the other hand, I like that it talks about interaction with containers .

My last question is , does the book include chapters about jigsaw modules and all their architectural elements ?  

Thanks in advance , and best regards .