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Recent posts by Diego Nobrega

I dont know if you are new in the java world.. but try to organize your code according Java Convention..
Sorry beeing **** about this but this is important..
name of attrib, variables and methods start lowercase: static String paintColor for example..
It mess up who is reading your code and couldnt get to put it on eclipse or anything else for test

About the your concern.. i guess the Piet did good answer.
6 years ago
you were trying to get a number very very bigger than int type maximum capabilitie.
I dont know if im mistake, but i guess the maximum positive value for a int type is around 2 billion approximately.
6 years ago
every array is an object, not a simple primitive type. If you press ctrl + space you will see all the methods from Object class (equals(), clone(), etc - because every class in java inherits from Object). Because of that, the 'new' is necessary.
6 years ago