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Recent posts by Pete Letkeman

Way to go you four. Thanks for helping out and continuing to make this site a great site.
1 week ago
Tandy 286 running DOS 5 with Windows 2.0. I want to say 1993 or around then.
Clock speed was important back then, and I think the speed was 40 MHZ.
1 week ago
I'm unsure if these qualify as funny,  but I think they are clever:
"We fix home made hair cuts" for a hair cutting/salon
"On time is a fluke" seen on transport truck
1 week ago

Katherine Mejia wrote:I wanna get into 3D modeling myself. I have a slew of Blender tuts I'm following. I just need to make the time...

I have a background using 3DS Max, which I find very helpful hard surface modeling e.g. vehicles, building, weapons, etc.

On the other hand ZBrush is good for organic models like creatures, characters etc.
ZBrush is best experienced with a tablet such those found on
ZBrush has a history supporting users with new versions. I purchased ZBrush in 2010 which allows me to full access to ZBrush 2018.
You can also create highly detailed models using ZBrush with millions on polygons which cannot be rendered with other programs.
1 week ago

Knute Snortum wrote:You probably wanted to add static too, right?

1 week ago
Looking at your code I can see that you are using a series of variables for things like sets.
You may find it beneficial to explore arrays
This would allow you to take something like
and replace it with
which could then be accessed in code like
Often people use for loops when using arrays which you can learn about here

[Edit: corrected the index of the second warmUps element.]
1 week ago
What if this became

This would allow you to quickly change the value of SET1MAX once and have that change appear throughout your code.
Especially handy if/when you have more then one line that references SET1MAX.

Generally final is used for values which don't change during the course of the program and they are named uses all caps.
1 week ago
The knowledge gained by preparing for a Java 8 certification will still be relevant and helpful to many Java programmers even if they are a newer version of Java.

Roel De Nijs wrote: If you are a Java greenhorn, you'll definitely benefit from preparing for this certification. Your Java knowledge will definitely increase and you'll get a solid understanding of Java and OO basics. If you already have (some) Java experience, you might learn a few new things but the biggest value will be taking the OCPJP certification exam and becoming Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer. And this certification lets you take any other Java certification (from Oracle).
One of my former colleagues was an experienced developer (+15 years as a VB6 and .Net developer) but had very limited Java experience. So after she prepared and passed the OCAJP7 certification exam, her Java knowledge had drastically improved.

Girish Bal wrote:how are the certfications going to keep up?

In the past it has taken more then a few months after a Java release before any certifications were made available as noted here
Oracle has yet to announce any new certification exams for Java.

I suspect that some shops are still heavily invested in Java 8 and for whatever reason they have not or can not upgrade to newer versions of Java.
If you are an Android programmer you are most likely using Java 8 or older versions of Java (unless you are using Kotlin).
It great that you go it working and now you can move forward with programming.

Daniel Maguire wrote:If it's not too much trouble could you please explain why I need to do this so I can understand what i'm doing?
If it's a hassle don't worry about it I'm sure i'll figure it out sooner or later.

Sure, I can try to explain this and that is a great question.

Javac is the Java compiler. It takes the source could that you create (the .java files) and transforms them into the for that the Java virtual machine can understand.
You want this setup correctly at the beginning so that you can compile and run your code from the command line if you need to.

Many IDEs hide these steps from you and in doing so you may not learn all of the steps needed to create your program.
IDEs are great tools and offer amazing features like code formatting, code completion, integrated debugging, syntax highlighting and more.
But is useful to know the commands which run in the background so that you can see all the moving part.

Some IDEs expect you have to Java setup in your path variable so that they can execute the correct commands.
Other IDEs can automatically find and setup Java for you, however this is still something that you should know how todo.

I suspect the book you are learning from is trying to teach you all that you would need to know so that you can be an effective Java programmer.
On some systems you may not have the ability to install an IDE...maybe it's a server and you don't have the correct user permissions.
However if Java was previously setup on the system by the administrator then you can go back to basics and do things the 'hard' way.
1 week ago

Daniel Maguire wrote:By IDE, would Eclipse Java Oxygen be an IDE?

Yes, sorry IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment and Eclipse is a very popular IDE for Java (and other) developers.
1 week ago
Okay, so the next step would be to see what is in your path variable. You can do this by opening up the command prompt and typing path. You should end up with something like (I shortened mine for this post)
The important parts are the ones with Java in them, in my case C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-9\bin\.
This works for me because that is where javac.exe is located on my system.

On you system you should have javac.exe located C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_171\bin.
If you don't have javac.exe located there then you need to update your path to point to the correct place where javac.exe is located.
After you have updated you path you will need to close all command prompts and start a new one to get the changes to take affect.

If you are still experiencing issues then please post back and share with us the full path of javac.exe on your system and the complete value of you path variable.
You may need to provide the trailing slash "\" to the variable.
1 week ago
Welcome to CodeRanch Daniel.
I hope you find the community here welcoming, sharing and helpful.

I understand that setting this up can be troublesome and please note that I'm not brushing you off, however, will you please start with going over these two postings:
  • These may help you point you in the correct direction.

    I do have a couple of follow up questions, if I may:
  • Also, which version of Java are are you using?
        There are many to choose from, the most people are using either Java 8 or Java 9 or possibly Java 10.
  • Are you using (or planning on using) an IDE? If so which one?

  • 1 week ago
    Interesting. There are obviously many programming languages to choose from as well as many challenges to overcome.
    Which programming languages were used by your team?
    1 week ago
    It's also helpful to know what Java development is at.
    For instance what do you know about or what is your level of confidence with:
  • Java Classes
  • Interfaces
  • naming/style conventions
  • the keywords Public, Private, Static, Final
  • 1 week ago
    A completing/complementing technology to this is Cloud Foundry (
    Cloud Foundry can use Docker images, but it does not need to.
    From what I understand Cloud Foundry packages provide even less of an attack surface then Docker images.

    Just a thought or two.