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Jira is a commercial issue tracking software made by Atlassian which provides bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management tools. It is one the main tools used in supporting Agile software development as it provides the plugins/interface which allows developers to easily plan and execute their tasks and goals.

Application in ITC Labs

Any basic development environment requires some sort of issue tracking software to plan and monitor project progression. In both labs, Jira provides this functionality.

Major Features Utilized (Agile Lab and DevOps Lab)

Here are some of the features that are utilized in the current DevOps Lab and previous Agile Lab.

Issue Tracking
Bug Tracking
Project Management
LDAP User Authentication (DevOps Lab only)

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4 years ago

OpenUI5 is the free version available under the Apache 2.0 Open Source license. SAPUI5 is the version that may only be used by SAP customers with a certain kind of license. (It’s still free for them, but they have paid some other SAP product.)

SAPUI5 is a JavaScript library based on jQuery. It is embedded in the application using a script-tag and triggers additional requests for on-demand-loading of JavaScript classes, style sheets and other resources. For Java and ABAP a special resource handler is offered, which provides extended capabilities, and is used for all SAPUI5 internal requests. The application usually has a serverside part and a clientside part. The serverside part can be based on any web framework, the clientside part is a web application, which is utilizing SAPUI5 for its user interface.

Why to attend Tekslate Online Training ?​

Classes are conducted by Certified SAPUI5 Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your career on SAPUI5. Our training make you more productive with your SAPUI5 Training Online. Our training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

SAPUI5 1.4x Training Curriculum

SAPUI5 Overview

Control Libs SAP UI5 Architecture, Exercise – Sample Project.

Application Programming in SAP UI5

Applications UI5, Bootstrap Core Controls, Exercise.

SAP UI5 Developer Studio

Overview about IDE Creating sample project, Exercise – Sample project.

Modularization and Resource Handling for SAP UI5

SAPUI5 Localization & Modularization, Exercise – localization.

MVC Architecture of SAP UI5

The Views, The Controllers, The Model, Exercise.

Data Binding in SAP UI5

Model Binding Model with UI element, Types of Bindings in SAP UI5, O data Styling and Theming, Adjusting Styles and Themes, Exercise.

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4 years ago
UI Developers form the approach we communicate with the advanced world.
(UI) developers take programming, brain research and inventive plan strategies together to make outstanding outlines. The UI designer’s central goal is to make an interface that carries on as clients would want it to, encouraging a brought together and efficient client encounter.
As there is a steady increment in the quantity of sites and applications, the requirement for culminate UI Design is the need of a hour to win the core of more end clients. This requires the huge requirement for proficient UI Designers/Developers. The prerequisite for skilled UI Developers will surge in all spaces, including web, programming and versatile application advancement Many Institutes are prepping understudies for getting to be UI Designers/Developers, who are working towards taking their computerized items to over the world.
Remembering the need of 60 minutes, TekSlate is putting forth a Diploma program i.e. “Responsive Web Design Master Course” in UI improvement intended for both fresher and experts. It is a 6 months course which takes after different preparing modes like standard, quick track, ends of the week, just Sundays, and online mode.
Essentials for this course:
Great order over Adobe Photoshop Tool.
Great planning sense for making formats in Photoshop, for example, ridicule ups for Templates, Login Forms, Product Galleries and so forth.
On the off chance that you don’t have any acquaintance with it, at that point not to stress. We are putting forth a fleeting 2 months course in Photoshop which will cover all the previously mentioned ideas.
Course Contents:
The course substance are extensively delegated takes after:
HTML5 and CSS3
JavaScript, jQuery, HTML DOM, and DHTML
Rakish JS
Responsive Web Designing
How are we one of a kind?
We not just say things, we have confidence in responsibilities. We give 100 % work help. Every one of our understudies who have done are a course from TekSlate are effectively put in presumed organizations.
We have confidence in giving viable preparing and make our understudies take a shot at constant situations like Form Validation, Navigation Development, Games (static and XML),AJAX based Applications, Slideshows (static and XML),Image Galleries (static and XML), Fancy Pop-up Windows, Custom Plug-ins, Custom Components, Theme Changer (with Cookie),Tabbed Panels and so on. The most ideal approach to approve by going by our portfolio page where we have transferred understudy’s tasks.
We take criticisms from our understudies all the time which can enable us to enhance educating approach.
We have a strict appraisal framework which is additionally partitioned into classroom tests and last tests like Project Training, Practical Test, Theoretical Test, and a dialog (Viva) to evaluate understudies
We offer grant programs for the monetarily weaker segment, jobless competitors, understudies, females, and for commendable applicants as it were.
5 years ago

Apigee Training skills you to design, build and deploy an API solution using API Services on Apigee Edge. Apigee brings the intelligent API platform for digital business acceleration. Apigee is one of the leading provider of API technology and services for both enterprises and developers.

Apigee is the leading provider of API technology and services for enterprises and developers. Apigee delivers an intelligent API platform to accelerate the pace of digital business. Apigee Edge Analytics Services collects and analyzes a wealth of information that flows through APIs. This information is gathered, analysed, and provided to you immediately, in real time.
5 years ago
Workday provides comprehensive instructor-led, in-classroom training to prepare students to meet their job requirements. Our classes combine lectures, social learning, product demonstrations, and hands-on activities.
As a supplement to instructor-led offerings, this training provides immediate access to specific courses and includes short, topic-specific videos and job aids.
This learning experience combines videos, interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests into a comprehensive online learning curriculum that students can complete at their own pace. Learn Independent enables our customers to be more self-sufficient.
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