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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

Did you install java?
4 days ago
Never heard of it
4 days ago
Yes, that sounds right.
The problem was the I didn't put the table name in front of CD_GRP

Thank you!
The SQLI posted has aliases for the tables.
When there is one join it works without problems, the problem is when there is more than one and selecting the same column.

Right now the only way to make it not throw that error is to have a subquery with column aliases after the first left join.

if there is a way to give an alias to the column within the join statement that might solve it.

Is that possible to do?

After looking at the original statement again. The problem was that the join statements didn't have the table alias in front of one columns.
It only became a problem after adding more joins so I assumed it was due to using the same column name.
Hello all,

I am stumped at the moment about how to write a certain oracle select query.

The flow is that I get the values from one row in table a, and then use different column values in that one row to search for many rows in another table.

What I have done so far is to use joins but it doesn't work because the  values I need from the 'another' table use the same column.

Doing it as so gives a 'ORA-00918 column ambiguously defined' error.

I was able to get it working by creating sub queries for the left joins.  
Is there a better way?

It's possible most of the algorithms you learn will never be used in real life. That said being able to decipher a problem and find an efficient way to deal with it is real.  These problems are a way to pick out people that can handle it.  This is especially true if you are making a product that needs to scale.
6 months ago
Figuring what to use is also part of the problem.  What's the point of knowing algorithms and data structures if you don't know when to use them.  If you have a problem on the job who is going to tell you then?
6 months ago
If your goal is to enter a company that tests with leet code then as soon as you can write code.  The hard part of the problems are the algorithms not writing the code.  

Some of the algorithms used have to be memorized, as they were made by researchers. You aren't going to come up with merge sort unless you already know about it.
6 months ago
I was thinking about median from the beginning then went on a tangent thinking about binary search...

6 months ago
spring boot web starters will have tomcat embedded in the application.  Easy and no need to worry about the servlet container.
6 months ago
It isn't logging on the server side or the client side? Are there any exceptions being thrown?
Why does it cause a problem downstream?  Maybe you should handle that on the backend or have a drop list on the frontend.
6 months ago
These stories are so nutty.  Day 7 is talking about crabs in tiny submarines. what is he putting in his coffee?
6 months ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:

Wow this is so concise. Don't even get it yet.
6 months ago

The part with the sixlooks janky.  Not sure how to clean that up.
6 months ago