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Recent posts by Al Hobbs

I second what the person above wrote.

 If you have the option to use csv then you can just read that like a text file because the columns are separated by ,
ive seen people store files as hexadecimal  text and i thought that doing that would increase the needed space by at least 2.  I was thinking about it and got confused on whether it would actually use more space or  not

I dont have any plans on doing that.  It was a purely theoretical question.

1 month ago

Paul Clapham wrote:It isn't clear what numbers you are talking about

The numbers would be the char representation of the byte.

I initially thought it would be much bigger if the byte array was converted into char representation.  It would be 2 - 4 times bigger.

I got confused because I don't how bytes are actually stored or used..?  

I think another example where I think about this is if I had an image file and then I converted it to a byte array, then a string representation and then wrote it to a text file, the text file would be bigger.
1 month ago
I have a question which probably isnt specific to java but I'm not sure where it would go.  

My questions is basically asking about data is actually used on a lower level.

If I have an image file, then I convert it into a byte array, then I convert that byte array into a string containing the numbers, which one would be smaller in size?  

To add on to that question, is there a difference in response size/ speed if a byte array is in the response body or a string containing the numbers?

Also, is the answer different if using hex?

Thank you
1 month ago
I think it's good to just think of objects like a set of code that is separated from the main code so that you can use it later.

In your post you had a program that printed out two chairs and a table.  If you were to make that into objects you could have an object that would print from a string, list, or a file and then instead of having a program that prints only chairs and tables, you'd have a program that can print whatever text you give it.
5 months ago
You should probably find resources in your native language.  Just search java and jsp on google.
5 months ago
Do you have tests or done debugging?
5 months ago
Out of memory error seems like that would have to do with the actual hardware on your computer hence the error part.
5 months ago
Goodjob  sounds good.  You are using onPreferncechanged to detect the change?
5 months ago
Ok so if want to make a web app you arent going to be getting input using the console.  I think make you should read up on basic jsp and servlet first.
5 months ago
Actually....... you have java code slapped in an html page... No wonder it doesn't work.  
5 months ago
This question isn't even about cookies and tokens.  It's about Httpsession.  Where did you get these questions from then?
5 months ago
Do you have both versions on your computer and then you are changing your environment variables?
5 months ago