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After being in deadend jobs for many years, I descided to go back to school. I graduated from Intec Brussel and got my bachelor in informatica-Java development.
Currently I'm employed with the Belgian gouvernment and work for the
Ministry of Internal Affairs as webmaster
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Recent posts by Daniel Demesmaecker

So I tried to run the index.php in phpstorm and this is the error I got...

I modefied my settings php, through the cotralpannel of xampp I can op phpadmin and I can connect with datagrup using the credentials provided. Any ideas?
3 weeks ago
Hi everyone
A new prob...
I want to put up an acceptationserver for an exsisting drupalsite.
The site is currently hosted and mainted by an extern company.
That same company also developped the site.
I'm normally a java developper.
I do have some experience with html, css, js and drupal, although I started making drupal sites before I had any programexperience, so except for changing some html and css I never changed anything directly on the server.
I have verry litle to no experience with php.
When I wanted to duplicate I site I would just contact directly to the webserver by ftp, download the whole site, but it on the new webserver, duplicate de db and change the database acces for the new site.
Now I don't have acces to the webserver. The companny who hosts and develooped the site send me 3 packages, their git which contains the drupalinstallation, a sql file with the databse and a filepackage  with images and stuff.
That should do it right? Apperently not... For some reasson I don't succeed in installing the packages on the new server. I've extracted the provided package into the htdocs folder of my xamppinstallation, but when opening localhost in the browser, I got this error:

So I checked the file and found a wrong path. When i correct it I just get.

Any tips on what I'm doing wrong? I also should mention that I previous also tried to first install a drupalsite on the server and then copy the files in the htdocsfolder, but with the same result and that I'm using xampp.
3 weeks ago

But something tells me that's not what you're trying to do?
I follow Junilu. I also start with writting out user stories, meaning thing the user wants to do.
Based on my userstories I wright out tasks, so steps I need to take to achieve the by the user set goals.

If you're looking for a program that helps you structure your analasis,trello is free and easy to use
1 month ago
So apperently it does change the month automaticly, but for some reasson it always deducts a month too...
So I could solve it by simply adding a month, but still I would like to know why I need to, anyone care to explain?
Yeah but java would complain before I run my code or simply dont let me use the methods...
Not there yet. When testing it I noticed that it dosn't auto increment my month when a new one starts.
For example 28/09/2018 when added 10 days should return 08/10/2018, but it returns 08/09/2018.

To make it more clear here's my function again:

Nevermind... As I said two posts ago, it gave me the time in milliseconds, while I used seconds to convert, so using setUTCMilliseconds did the trick.

Thanks Tim for pointing me in the correct direction
Lol something is still wrong. I tried to convert from epoch to a date with setUTCSeconds, this is the result:
So I changed m function to:

And that kinda works, but gives me the milliseconds since epochtime.
When I try to format it, he starts nagging again that I can't use the date functions.

JS sucks.... That kind of bs you would never have in java
I started to play around a bit with javascriptn trying to do some basic stuff.
For now I'm trying to get a by the user defined date, add 10 days and write it back to a textfield in the document.
For some reasson, I can't achieve what I'm trying to do, this is what I had so far.


Nevermind, I serperated the code in each their own controller, which is simply cleaner and also get rid off the checkLanguage method.
2 months ago
The languageSelection ChoiceBox. But only the second time, since it's also the default value. I thought maybe it's because I use the same controller and the initialize method isn't called anymore, so I adjusted the original message to acount for that, now I don't get an error anymore, but still dont get the desired effect. It changes from default, which is dutch, to french, but it won't change back.
2 months ago
I miss wrote, it's a choicebox, not a checkbox and it shouldn't have a null vallue since it's bin set in the initialize method.
I also realize I didn't include the stacktrace...

2 months ago
I'm writting an javaFX application wich is suposed to be in two languages Dutch and French.
To allow the user to choose the language I have a choicebox on which I added a changelistener.
When I change from the default language to french, the correctpage is being loaded, but when I try to change back I get a nullpointer for my checkbox.
Any tips on how come or ways to improve the writtencode?



Don't pay attention to the ChangeScene.Init. It's just a method I've written to change the scene and at a bean to the springcontext, it works....
2 months ago
I can and it does... So once again thanks Stephan
2 months ago