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Recent posts by Daniel Demesmaecker

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Did you get any error messages during the installation process? That particular error is usually caused by an incorrect PATH.

Miljan Puletic wrote:. . .  C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.2\bin . . .

That PATH doesn't look right. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.2\bin should come first. Also, it may be necessary to wrap the PATH in "quote marks" because of the space after Program. Also, surely there is more to follow the PATH you showed us. Is that a user PATH or a system PATH?

At my worklaptop the ...\oracle\... also comes First...
I can 't even remember ever putting it there. Is it created when you install java (Not the jdk)
4 hours ago
Have you set a JAVA_HOME variable?  I would add the JAVA_HOME and pĂ´int it to your installationfolder, you can then change your PATH to C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath;%JAVA_HOME%\bin;
4 hours ago
It all depends on what the archetecture is gonna be, is this gonna be a webapp or standalone for example.
You'll need a database for sure, so I would start with a maven project using SpringBoott and
5 hours ago
A terrible name for a class... Way to confussing with a Bean(dependency injection) and by convention classnames start with a uppercase letter
6 hours ago
That's true... I also hadn't seen your answer to check for "A.", the chances of that occuring in normal text, are pretty slim
6 hours ago
This can't be your full code. What is new bean()?
I wouldn't checkfor a Q or A what if your question starts with an a?
You could keep a counter of read lines and do counter%2 do know when you need to start a new line
7 hours ago
Not to be cocky, but I knew it would...
19 hours ago
You should be able to extract the styles with dpfbox, I used it before to create a buffered image and show it in an imageview, the same logic could be used to place the buffered image in a word file.
Poi I have used before to create excel sheets that contained styling and images, although there I believe I had to create the style myself, it wasn't automaticly copied
If you're using springboot you can put a variable in your and call it in your class:
1 day ago
In this case the containers would be everything that has something inside it, so your pane, your haboxes and your vbox
1 day ago
You need to set the alignment of your containers to center and the size to computedsize.
I also keep telling people to keep the design out of your controller, use the fxmlfile or if you're not familiar with the syntax, you can use gluon's scenebuilder, which gives you a graphical interface to design your fxml
1 day ago
what do you mean by add all input?
Something like:
2 days ago