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Recent posts by Daniel Demesmaecker

Ok thanks Dave, I see the problem now.
21 hours ago
For overview purposes I'll post it again, I can understand with all the wrong post it's getting hard to read.

This is the line that's causing the error:

The whole initialize method:

The NewStage:

The ControllerBean:

The RowFactory:

The PropertyValueFactory:

And not that you need them but the fxml files:

22 hours ago
Al the relevantcode is posted early in the post.
22 hours ago
This is the stack I mented to post:

1 day ago
I'm mixing to of the same problems, I posted the classes from the digitaltable, but the stack error from the booktable.
1 day ago
Nevermind, Thanks Dave, posting the fxmlfile and reading it back, I noticed I didn't adjust it when I copied it from books.
So I try to adjust that first
1 day ago

1 day ago

According the stacktrace this is the line causing the error:

This is the method:

The get beanmethod referenced in the changeScene:

I use this all over my program, so I can't understand why in this case it would cause an error.
I left out most of the dbcalls and can post the error message only once, cause my post was way to long, but whats bold is what's being repeated.
1 day ago
Why do you think it's my Warning.alert? I used this all over my program, I actualy think it's the rowfactory.
And the pattern is there, I didn't poste the whole error stack, since no point in repeating the same error, it only fills up space
1 day ago
The same query get's executed over and over again, so in my believe it's recursion, yes I tried, it just takes longer.
1 day ago
The error:

The controller:

The Rowfactory:

The Entity:

If I do an other query it works, it's only on searching all it fails.
2 days ago
Before anyone post a remark, yes I see it loads the wrong page, I actually posted the wrong classes.
I'll update my question
2 days ago
I posted this question before, but didn't get an answer, nore can I find one online, although this is a common problem.
One of my methods is recusively calling the database which results in a stackoverflow error. I know I have to build in a stopcondition to prevent this, but my question is where and how.
There isn't even a reasson why the recursion should happen. Any tips? I'm using jpa-Hibernate

The controller:

The RowFactory:

The EntityClass:

The Error:

I left most of the databasecalls and errormessage out, but you'll get the idea
2 days ago

sonai kale wrote:Smartface is an iPhone app emulator and tester that helps develop cross-platform native iOS apps. It is a full-featured enterprise mobility management platform that reduces cost, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions. Smartface provides full debugging options for iOS apps which help the app developer flexibility to work with it and develop apps

Lol, are you an smartface vendor?
5 days ago

Amal Thelly wrote:[size=18]The problem is that you are passing 0 as the paramater to charAt() function. In Paulie for example 'P' is at 0th Index. To get 'a' you'll have to increment index by 1. This can be done by making the parameter dynamic. You have a variable for that 'length'.

Hence use charAt(length) to iterate through your String.

That's the exact same thing as I've said
1 week ago