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Recent posts by Daniel Demesmaecker

You didn't had to change your main. The assigning of the names is still there.

The only place you had to change something was in your EmployeeClass:

So the only thing I did now is instead of changing the values in the array that's bin passed on by the method, create a new array and assign the formattedNames to that array and then return it
18 hours ago
you could copy paste the printed path to your equals method of your if.
Better would be to create a boolean at the top of your class, set it to false when you change to classic.css and true if you switch to xmas. That way it will always work.
If you copy paste the path it won't work anymore once you install the program on a other computer or change the location of your program
21 hours ago
The only tip I can give you here is to print out your path to your xmas.css and compare it to the string used in your if statement, my guess is they won't match
22 hours ago
I down voted this answer and I feel like I should explain why, I see that often on this site and it kinda bugs me. I don't like the fact that a poster says the exact same thing as the poster before him.
Ok, true, postmessage can cross eachother, you can be typing your answer, while in meanwhile someone else allready posted it, but if there several hours between the two posts, that can't be the case.
In this case, I saw this particular post yesterday and was planning to comment on it, but since I saw carey already provided the op with the answer, I didn't. Now someone else did.
If you repost the exact same answer it comes across as just trying to be interesting and it can confuse the op more then it helps, so I hope by starting to downvote these answers, peoplpe will start to pay more attention.
I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by doing so
1 day ago
I want an exampe image how it's build, remember my comment about a borderpane when you were asking how to switch css files? If you had done that, now you snow would be in the centerpane and you're buttons in the left pane and you wouldn't had this issue. I don't even understand if you promote your panes to the front you don't see the snow, it falls behind the elements, not behind the pane, I know since when I was checking for ways to make the snow quit faster, I put an anchorpane in my anchorpane with the same hight and width and promoted it to the front when clicked on the classic css and that didn't work, the snow was still visible
1 day ago

Carey Brown wrote:Daniel, a few posts back you eliminated the formattedNames array and suggested modifying the array that is passed in. Depending on how picky the instructor is, this does not meet the requirements. Also, a method like the one you suggest should return void to make it painfully obvious to anyone calling the method that it modifies the data in place. Again, "void" does not meet the requirements.

You're right, So Ana, to be safe I would take carey's advice to heart and create a new array in the convertNames method, fill it with the formated names and return that one. I think now you should be able to do those small changes without help
1 day ago
No prob Ana, we all have to learn and most of us (read everybody) is still doing so
1 day ago

Carey Brown wrote:As DD mentioned, you are comparing to a string containing a single space, not an empty string. This is the recommended approach because its intent is clear and the risk of typos is non-existent (meaning any typos would be caught by the compiler).

Huh can I give 2 tumbs up on the same message? I accidently clicked it twice and now you got 2, or did you click at exactly the same time Ana?
I actually learned something new, I have used isEmpty on a list before, but didn't know you can use it on a string too
1 day ago

Ana Yo wrote:How do I only make the initials capitalized?

1 day ago

1 day ago
How do you meen? It's suposed to ask for a name, 10times. I don't really understand what the issue is now?
1 day ago
cause you're not checking if the value is empty, you're checking if it's a white space, remove the space between the quotes
1 day ago
You don't need to escape the slash eighter, so it's just "N/A" and don't forget to remove your while loop in your EmployeeNameTesterClasss.
1 day ago
My bad, if you use if/else you need to do the check in your EmployeeNamesClass:
1 day ago
or if you just want emptyvalues, you can do i++ in your while loop after you prompt the user for the empty value and asign the new name to temp, but that would make the while loop useless anyway
1 day ago